What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

As the pandemic fears start to ebb, restrictions have eased. Businesses across the country have reopened and have required employees to return to work. Leisure and business travel has increased, as the pent-up demand was high. These events have led to a massive influx of drivers and passengers on the road. 

Despite this, commuters value convenience, as 76% prefer private vehicles. But, inflationary pressures and increased road traffic have hindered them from buying cars. This has led to many people buying motorcycles, as they are generally cheaper than cars. For many, riding a motorcycle symbolizes freedom and total control. However, motorcyclists are more susceptible to serious accidents.

Statistics show that there were 83,000 injuries from motorcycle accidents in 2020. Moreover, fatalities in 2020 were over 20% higher than in the previous decade. Therefore, you should be aware of your rights and which lawyer to speak to in case you’re ever involved in a motorcycle accident. Hence, we will discuss how a malpractice accident attorney may help in personal injury lawsuits.

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What Does a Malpractice Accident Attorney Do for You?

The days following a motorcycle accident can be very stressful. Focusing on medical treatment and recovering from your injuries can also be hard. Lost workdays, piling hospital bills, and non-stop calls from the police, and insurance companies can add more pressure. Things will only get worse if you don’t fully understand the legal processes. 

Thankfully, a malpractice accident attorney is there to guide you and make sure that you understand your rights. He or she can make things simple and get you the compensation you deserve. These are only some of the things that malpractice motorcycle accident lawyers can do for you. 

Give legal advice and guidance

Personal injury lawsuits may include a lot of unfamiliar and vexing jargon. Insurance companies may call you to obtain information that can be used to persuade you to accept a lower settlement. This is where a personal injury lawyer steps in and helps you through the process. Your attorney will look into the details to make sure that you’re receiving fair compensation.

For example, your lawyer will advise you not to sign papers or accept a settlement offer without first consulting them. He or she will make sure that you don’t provide any statements that could be used against you. Moreover, your lawyer will answer any questions you may have and will fight for your rights.

More importantly, many law firms offer free consultations to underprivileged individuals. They promise fair treatment and maintain an attorney-client relationship. Motor vehicle lawsuits can be stressful, as motorcycles are more exposed to danger. Therefore, their assistance can help you save time, money, and effort. 

Handle the paperwork

Lawsuits and settlement negotiations include tons of documents. However, with a personal injury lawyer on your side, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while they handle all the paperwork. They’ll gather all the evidence, such as police and medical reports, and then use them to negotiate an insurance claim.

Calculate the compensation you deserve

Motorcycle accident victims should be wary of insurance companies, who often confuse victims and offer lower compensation. With a lawyer on your side, you can get the settlement you deserve. 

Lawyers will factor in economic damages, such as property damage and medical costs, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering when calculating how much to seek in compensation. If the accident was fatal, your lawyer might file a claim for wrongful death.

Build your motorcycle accident case

In general, the party bringing the complaint bears the burden of proof, which means that he or she must prove that the other party is at fault. This is quite difficult to do when you’re not well-versed in the law. Therefore, getting a lawyer to build, argue, and prove your case is best.

Motorcycle accident lawyers collect evidence by investigating the accident. They examine police and medical reports and reach out to witnesses for their statements. They’ll also determine whether the other party violated any traffic rules. Once they’ve collected all the necessary evidence, they’ll try to prove that the other party caused the accident. 

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Represent you in court

Often, negotiation with the insurance company resolves all the issues. However, insurance companies may refuse to compensate the victim or provide a fair settlement. Therefore, you may have to take your case to court. Your lawyer can represent you and submit the best legal arguments if you do.

Pro Tip

Make sure you discuss the contingency fee in your first meeting with your personal injury lawyer and discuss all other options before deciding to work with an attorney.

Find a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Your Case

Motorcycle accidents have become more rampant over the past decade, and despite restrictions related to the pandemic, they are still happening. As restrictions have eased and inflation has intensified, a higher number of motorcyclists are on the road, which has increased the probability of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

If you are a motorcycle accident victim, reach out and seek assistance from the The Personal Injury Center. We offer free case evaluations and upon your request, we will refer you to experienced motorcycle accident lawyers. They can guide you throughout the process. 

The Personal Injury Center can refer you to lawyers with great success rates in dealing with motorcycle accident cases. Talk to us and let us help you get the compensation you deserve! 

Have you recently been injured in an accident?

FAQs on What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

You may have to appear in court for your motorcycle accident case. But, a lawyer may represent you in court.

You can still file a claim against the negligent party even if you do not have motorcycle insurance.

You should contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.