Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Austin

Austin, Texas, is best known for its culture, which appeals to almost everyone. Austin might be right up your alley if you’re an avid motorcycle rider. It’s moto-friendly, with unique biker destinations, such as the Hippie Hollow Horror, Texas Twister, and Killeen Twisty Getaway. 

Sadly, it’s not just rainbows and sunshine for Austin riders. With many bikers traversing the city’s highways, there’s no shortage of collisions. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) noted that motorcycle fatalities have increased by 7% since last year. 

Authorities explained that 13 motorcyclists died on the city’s roadways last year. This year, fatal motorcycle accidents became more prevalent, with more than 50% caused by crashes with other vehicles. 

You can avoid these accidents by being careful and diligent when driving on roads and highways. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that vehicles are in good working condition, that drivers carry valid licenses, and that they follow applicable rules. Failure to follow these conditions is prima facie evidence of bad faith on the driver’s part, which could be used against them in a personal injury claim.

If you or a loved one are involved in a motorcycle accident, get help from The Personal Injury Center. They will help you navigate the legal system and make sure that you understand your rights. They can also link you to the seasoned lawyers in their network so that you have legal representation. 

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How often do motorcycle accidents happen in Austin?

Motorcycle accidents happen quite frequently in Austin. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that deadly crashes have decreased since 2021. However, the number of deaths from these crashes remains a national crisis. Lewis Leff, the city’s Transportation Safety Officer, said that this is a tragic and disturbing trend happening at the national level

There were around 40,000 motorists who died on different US roadways, with 115 of them from Austin. This may not seem significant, but this is Austin’s all-time record high. Many of these accidents happen on frontage roads and major arterials with high traffic volumes. More specifically, these crashes occurred on Ferguson Lane, Cameron Road, and 8th and 7th streets. 

In 2015, Austin adopted the Vision Zero campaign to reduce serious injuries and traffic deaths. The city council even allocated almost $4 million to improve safety at the intersections with the highest number of crashes. The city’s voters also approved an additional $15 million to fund more safety projects as part of the 2016, 2018, and 2020 Mobility Bond. 

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Austin, you need to know what you’re legally entitled to. Simply because motorcycle accidents are common does not mean your rights should be disregarded. Note that a citizen’s right to freely drive their vehicles ends when the right to the safety of another begins. 
The Personal Injury Center can help you recover maximum compensation by helping you navigate the legal system. They’ll help you every step of the way by pairing you with an experienced Austin motorcycle accident attorney so that you receive appropriate legal advice. They can also ensure that your insurance pays for your medical treatment and physical therapy.

What are the hazards faced by motorcycle riders on the road?

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting activity. However, it also comes with countless risks that could lead to broken bones, life-threatening injuries, and staggering medical bills. Motorcycles are not as steady as cars and can tip over easily, which can lead to serious injuries or death. 

In addition to the risk of death, the following are other ways a motorcyclist can get injured:

  • Injuries sustained from falling off the bike
  • Injuries sustained while performing maintenance on the bike
  • Injuries sustained while loading or unloading the bike

You must be vigilant to avoid these common injuries. Apart from that, you should also ensure that you’re not hurting other motorists and pedestrians while driving your motorcycle. In fact, you may receive zero compensation if the other party can prove that you caused the accident. 

Here are more specific risks that motorists can experience on the road: 

Road Hazards

The most common road hazard for motorcyclists is the risk of being hit by other vehicles, which could be a car turning in front of them or another vehicle overtaking them. Minor or significant road hazards could lead to road rash or even wrongful death. 

Another common risk for motorcycle riders is losing control of their bike on wet roads or during high-speed turns. Motorcycles are lighter than cars and do not have as much traction when driving in adverse conditions. Even with a helmet, these accidents can still cause head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and contusions. 

Motorcycle riders also face risks from other drivers who fail to see them. The same is true for drivers who won’t give them enough space on the road. The latter is often due to confusion about what constitutes a safe distance between vehicles traveling side-by-side. 

Many people know that they need to observe a  three-second following distance between themselves and another driver. However, they may not realize that this also applies when riding a motorcycle. Moreover, they may forget about counting three seconds while driving, which may lead them to not provide sufficient space.

Impaired Drivers

Impaired driving can be anything from drunk driving, such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to prescription drugs, such as over-the-counter medication, which can cause drowsiness, dizziness, or blurred vision. Generally, antihistamines, commonly used in medication to treat colds, can make people severely drowsy.

If you’re driving, avoid drinking or taking medication that could make you drowsy. If you ever spot an impaired driver on the road, keep a safe distance and call 911. Never try to pass a suspected drunk or intoxicated driver.

You don’t know how they’ll react as you pass. Negligent drivers can easily cause car accidents that could lead to catastrophic injuries. In fact, it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay back and allow the driver to move away.

Pulling Out in Front of Motorcycles

One of the main risks motorcyclists face on the road is another vehicle pulling out in front of them. This can happen, for example, when a driver is trying to make a U-turn and doesn’t see the rider coming. It can also occur when a driver pulls out at an intersection or driveway without looking in all directions.

In these situations, drivers must be aware of what’s happening around them. Check your side mirrors before moving forward if you’re making a U-turn or turning at an intersection. This allows you to see whether any vehicles are approaching from behind or the side. This also lets you see whether there are any motorcycles in front of your vehicle that might get hit if you suddenly pull out.

If you’re pulling out of a driveway or parking lot, wait until there’s no oncoming traffic before moving forward. This can ensure that other drivers don’t accidentally hit you as they drive by.

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Failure To Yield or Signal Their Intentions

Motorcyclists are often disadvantaged because they can only see what’s in front of them. 

This makes it difficult for riders to know whether another driver intends to turn, change lanes, or do something dangerous. This is particularly true when driving with trucks, as truck drivers have difficulty seeing motorcycles even when their eyes are focused on the road. 

To avoid becoming involved in an accident because another driver failed to yield, be alert while driving. Be prepared for any sudden changes in direction by reacting quickly and effectively.

If another driver fails to yield at an intersection, don’t engage them in a confrontation. You should also avoid honking at them or giving them the finger, which will only escalate the situation. Keep calm and ensure that you maintain a safe distance. 

Pull over immediately if you feel like you’re in danger, and call 911 for help. If you’re not in immediate danger, try honking your horn or flashing your lights to get the other driver’s attention. If that doesn’t work, slowly pull around them. 

Make sure they see you and any other vehicles coming up behind them. They may have been distracted or confused by something else going on around them. Give them time to respond before taking any further action.

If they continue driving towards you without yielding, honk your horn again. Make sure they can see that another vehicle is pursuing them. This may stop them immediately and wait until there’s room for the both of you on the road again.

Get the Right Compensation by Contacting The Personal Injury Center

Road accidents may be unforeseeable, but you can mitigate the risks by observing diligence while driving. Before applying for a license, make sure that you have proper training. Acquaint yourself with the rules of the road and always remain vigilant while driving. 

However, despite being diligent, you should seek fair compensation from those who injured you if you still can’t avoid a motorcycle accident. If you’re unsure how to start claiming damages, seek the help of The Personal Injury Center. 

They can guide you from the consultation phase until you get a seasoned lawyer to fight your case. Your Austin motorcycle accident lawyer will help gather your medical records and other evidence to support your compensation claim. 

They’ll also negotiate with your insurance provider to make sure that they honor your motorcycle accident claim. With The Personal Injury Center and your lawyer, you’ll be well-informed and well-represented in court and at the bargaining table. Call them for a free case review and a free consultation today. 

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FAQs on Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Austin

The most hazardous motorcycle is a cruiser. This motorcycle supports an upright riding position and has wide handlebars. The extra width can make it hard for motorcyclists to see pedestrians and motorists. You might also lose your balance easier if you drift into another lane. Cruisers are also more likely to catch air when turning corners, which can lead to accidents.

Yes, you should seek legal help from an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer if you're involved in a motorcycle crash. Your Austin personal injury lawyer will help you seek compensation so that you can pay your medical expenses and other costs related to your injury.


Even if another driver's negligence caused the motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist could still be liable. For example, if your motorcycle was defective and caused the accident, you would likely be responsible for a portion of the injuries.


However, if another driver's negligence caused your motorcycle accident, you may have grounds to pursue legal action against them.

You can represent yourself in a motorcycle accident case, but it is not advised. You may be able to do the research, gather evidence, and write legal documents. However, you might lack the legal knowledge or experience necessary to build a successful case.

Your lawyer has access to resources that makes them more knowledgeable in building a solid case. They have experience in dealing with insurance companies and know how they operate. In addition, they will be able to understand the process of building a case from the beginning to the end. This means that you won't have any surprises along the way.