The Perfect Fit: Choosing the Right Push Back Recliner Chair for You

What is a push back recliner chair? Also known as an “easy chair” or “rocker/recliner,” it’s a piece of furniture that can recline backward and return to its original position. It’s simple, comfortable, and soothing. These chairs have a design that lets your arms rest while keeping your feet in front of you.
This setup makes standing up from the reclined position easy without straining your back muscles. Pushback recliners are commonly found in homes and are used by the whole family for relaxation.

The array of push back recliner chair choices can be overwhelming, making it crucial to find the one that suits you best. While different brands offer a wide range of recliners, we may not be the perfect fit for everyone. 

Hence, we hope the insights provided in this recliner guide will be beneficial, regardless of the brand you ultimately select. To learn more about our product recommendations, check out this page.

Key Takeaways
  • Recliner chairs are portable and great for travel.
  • It is available in various fabrics and leather styles to match your taste.
  • It provides comfortable seating without causing back pain.

Our Top Picks

Sitting in a corner chair or sofa with a warm blanket can feel cozy. Recliners can add extra comfort by letting you adjust them. We’ve researched and listed the best recliners of 2023 to help you choose. 

You should consider a recliner with cool features like a cup holder, USB charger, or massage settings. Some parents even use recliners as nursery gliders. These chairs are versatile and worth the investment since they can be used for different purposes. 

We have options for different budgets and styles. We also provide information on how we reviewed the recliners and expert advice for your search. 

We’ve found these recliner chairs to be the best in the market:

ImageProduct NameBest Of
Gistad ReclinerBest Value Recliner ChairJump to Review
Serta Push-Button Power Recliner with Deep Body CushionsBest Power Recliner ChairJump to Review
Irving Roll Arm Leather ReclinerBest Leather Recliner ChairJump to Review
AllModern Teasley Vegan Leather Manual ReclinerBest Modern Recliner ChairJump to Review
The Glider PlusBest Nursery ReclinerJump to Review

1. Best Value Recliner Chair:
IKEA Gistad Recliner

IKEA Gistad Recliner

What We Like

  • Has three positions
  • Small size suits tight spaces
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in neutral colors that match any home decor

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not be durable for long-term use

Ikea stands as a favored choice for individuals seeking minimalistic and cost-effective couches. Our survey data revealed that over 100 panelists had purchased couches and other furniture items from this store. Many specifically mentioned opting for its furniture to suit their compact apartments and living spaces. 

One standout among the brand’s offerings is the Gistad recliner. This recliner boasts a sleek design in a compact black faux leather or burgundy woven finish. It features a manual recline mechanism that offers three distinct positions: upright, slightly leaned back, and fully reclined. What’s particularly impressive is that this functionality comes at a price of under $370.

You can pick either black faux leather or burgundy woven fabric. While IKEA furniture is often affordable and good-looking, it’s known for being hard to assemble. But this recliner is an exception. It’s easy to put together, as reviewers say. Still, remember that some people in our survey found that their IKEA furniture didn’t hold up well over time.

2. Best Power Recliner Chair: Serta Push-Button Power Recliner With Deep Body Cushions

Serta Push-Button Power Recliner With Deep Body Cushions

What We Like

  • Easy push-button control
  • Excellent price
  • Added padding for comfort

What We Don’t Like

  • Compact seating

This chair seamlessly transforms into a fully reclined position with a simple button press. It’s thoughtfully designed to offer paramount comfort, featuring deep body cushions and luxuriously soft armrests that mirror the plushness of Serta’s highly regarded products, such as their top-rated mattresses. 

It’s worth noting, however, that although the chair boasts an oversized form, the added cushioning and larger armrests contribute to a more snug seat. You can get them for $315 at Walmart. 

3. Best Leather Recliner Chair: Pottery Barn’s Irving Roll Arm Leather Recliner 

Pottery Barn’s Irving Roll Arm Leather Recliner 

What We Like

  • Pick from 40+ leather colors
  • High-quality materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Shipping for most colors takes over 17 weeks

This $1,699 club chair’s design seamlessly accommodates various interior design styles, from modern farmhouse aesthetics to more traditional looks. Its inherent style is so refined that its reclining function remains discreet, only revealing itself when you lean back, and the footrest effortlessly extends. 

Our surveyed panelists express astonishment at the exceptional quality of their Pottery Barn furniture, emphasizing its impressive longevity. A respondent even shared that her Pottery Barn pieces endured more than a decade of daily use.

This chair’s construction is particularly captivating, featuring firm cushions and robust steel coils that offer support and endurance. The chair is elegantly adorned with opulent, supple leather.

Should you buy this chair, be mindful that the extensive range of over 40 color options is typically made-to-order. They can make it happen whether you prefer espresso brown, dark brown, or light gray. 

Consequently, the delivery of your chosen chair may take over 17 weeks.

4. Best Modern Recliner Chair: AllModern Vegan Leather Recliner

AllModern Vegan Leather Recliner

What We Like

  • Trendy mid-century modern style
  • Clean upholstery
  • Easy assembly

What We Don’t Like

  • Reviewers say faux leather peels over time

This $514 AllModern recliner choice is entirely in vogue, showcasing a mid-century modern design. It features a rich faux leather seat, gracefully curved arms, and tapered legs, available in black, caramel, brown, navy, and white variations. The good thing about this design is you can mix and match it with your other furniture, like your ottoman, sofa, or accent chairs. 

These design elements collaborate harmoniously to evoke a vintage aesthetic. According to reviewers, this push-back recliner not only exudes elegance but also offers remarkable comfort. One reviewer commented, “The best looking [recliner] I’ve ever seen. Easy to put together and comfortable.”

5. Best Nursery Recliner:’s The Glider Plus’s The Glider Plus

What We Like

  • Fabric repels stains
  • USB port included

What We Don’t Like

  • Assembly was challenging for some reviewers

The chair’s recline capability extends nearly to a fully reclined position, making it an ideal choice for relaxation and napping. Regrettably, a few reviewers noted issues with the faux leather material peeling over time, a challenge frequently encountered with synthetic leather fabrics. 

Ensure your electronic devices remain conveniently accessible and adequately charged using the USB charging port thoughtfully integrated into the control panel of this $1399 recliner. 

Beyond its reclining feature, this chair boasts a 200° swivel capability and the ability to glide back and forth, rendering it an excellent inclusion for a baby nursery where a rocker might be required. The stain-resistant fabric is a standout feature, offering practicality by being simple to clean when those inevitable messes occur.

Understanding the Different Features of a Pushback Recliner Chair

After determining the recliner style that suits your preferences, you can explore any additional features you desire. Many of these features are accessible across various recliner types, allowing you to find precisely the attributes you seek in a single chair.

Rocker or glider base

This feature means incorporating motion capability that enables rocking movement. It’s particularly beneficial for nursing mothers or individuals experiencing sleep difficulties. 


Indulge in a soothing massage while you unwind, effortlessly activated with the push of a button. Massage functionalities can differ between recliners — specific models even carry a heating option. This feature is ideal for individuals dealing with stress and discomfort in their muscles and joints.

Wall hugger

This attribute enables you to position the recliner close to the wall, with a mere few inches of clearance, effectively conserving space. It’s particularly advantageous for individuals in apartments or small spaces. It can even fit in narrow entryways. You can move it to your dining room or make it a permanent living room furniture. 

Built-in USB charger

Embrace modern convenience with this functionality that empowers you to charge your devices while seated in your chair, eliminating the need to approach an outlet. 

Swivel base

An incorporated motion feature that permits effortless pivoting, enabling you to orient yourself in any desired direction.

Big and tall

Recliners are designed with generous proportions, explicitly catering to larger individuals. These recliners are frequently engineered to support heavier weights compared to standard recliners.

Lay flat

True to its name, this attribute enables you to recline until you achieve a flat position. This feature is ideal for individuals who enjoy sleeping in their recliners.


Instead of relying on a lever or handle, you can effortlessly recline your chair using the built-in motor simply by pressing a button.

Recliner Chair
Image by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash 

Benefits of a Recliner Chair

From the workplace pressures to the physical rigors of daily routines, navigating adulthood is undoubtedly challenging. After dedicating long hours to your job, attending to familial responsibilities, and managing errands, the experience of returning home and unwinding in your living room is profoundly rewarding. 

Consider investing in living room wingback recliners instead of an accent chair or an ordinary sofa. These recliners have established their presence for numerous years, becoming a fundamental piece of furniture in countless American households. 

Beyond their unparalleled comfort, this push back recliner chair for relaxation offers various potential health benefits. Delve into the following information to discover how motion furniture can positively impact your well-being and enhance your overall quality of life.

Enhanced mobility

Mobility challenges affect approximately one in seven adults. Confronting restricted mobility can be disheartening, but high-quality reclining furniture can alleviate your discomfort at home.

Lift recliners offer an ideal solution for those grappling with mobility limitations. By simply pressing a button, a lift recliner can seamlessly transition from a fully flat position on the floor to a 35-degree angle, lifting you out of the chair and into a standing stance. 

This innovation provides a safer and more secure method of movement that doesn’t impose unnecessary strain on your back or joints. Notably, transferring in and out of your chair becomes more effortless, fostering a sense of empowerment and independence as you navigate this task autonomously.

Enhanced circulation

Are you aware that extended periods of sitting can negatively impact your legs and joints? The force of gravity can disrupt blood flow, and when your body weight isn’t distributed evenly, your joints bear the brunt. This underscores the significance of selecting living room chairs and sofas that are not only comfortable but also actively contribute to improving circulation and bolstering blood flow.

Lumbar support

While contemplating the optimal reclining furniture for your requirements, it’s imperative to consider the significance of therapeutic lumbar support as a fundamental feature. Including lumbar support in chairs holds immense importance due to its potential to alleviate back pain. Apart from these advantages, therapeutic lumbar support contributes to:

  • Maintaining the correct alignment of the spinal cord
  • Encouraging the adoption of proper posture
  • Reducing the risk of sustaining injuries

Pain alleviation

Living room recliners could be a convenient home-based remedy for individuals grappling with back or neck discomfort. Notably, incorporating heat therapy and massage contributes to rejuvenating your body and alleviating pressure points.

Beyond the advantages of heat therapy and massage features, recliner chairs offer the potential to mitigate bodily pain or soreness through effective weight distribution. A recliner uniformly disperses your body weight, enhancing blood circulation. This benefit, in turn, alleviates pain and mitigates the likelihood of encountering swollen or rigid joints.

Stress reduction

Finally, recliners’ most profound advantage is their capacity to alleviate stress. Stress manifests in three distinct forms: emotional, mental, and physical, each inducing considerable tension within the body. Relief from these stressors is imperative, and this is precisely where recliners prove invaluable.

Top-tier reclining furniture serves to unwind both the mind and body, incorporating attributes tailored for comfort and convenience.

Other Gift Ideas for Recliner Chair Users 

Recliner chair accessories go beyond aesthetics. They include practical items like support pillows for extra comfort in specific spots and chair protectors that extend your recliner’s lifespan, ensuring years of enjoyable reclining.

Effortlessly practical, the armrest caddy pocket organizer from Fasthomegoods discreetly attaches to your recliner’s side. It occupies no additional room, neatly arranging your essentials within arm’s reach.

Just insert one side between the seat and armrest, letting the other drape over the chair. It includes two pockets for remote controls or phones, a more extensive section for books and tablets, and a concealed pocket at the back for taller magazines.

The wooden armrest tray table from Graystone is the accessory you’ll marvel at, wondering why you didn’t have it sooner. With non-slip rubber surfaces on both sides, this compact board remains secure on your recliner’s arm, keeping your items steady. 

Plus, you can lift the sides for effortless transportation of goods between the kitchen and your recliner, simplifying cleanup once you’re done.

Dozing off in your beloved recliner chair sounds appealing—until you awaken with a stiff neck. If you’re inclined to nap in your favorite chair, Dot&Dot has the perfect solution: the twist memory foam pillow. Crafted for resting at unconventional angles, this pillow ensures optimal neck support. 

Unlike conventional neck pillows, it’s fully adjustable, letting you shape it as you desire. Create a U-shape, elevate one side for head support, or roll it for a mini cushion—your choices are limitless. 

The good news is you can gift your loved ones with these accessories. You can purchase gift cards or pay ahead with your credit card. To ensure the gifts your loved one will receive will be in good condition, always check the company’s return policy. 

Precaution When Using Recliner Chairs

You must be careful if an older person uses the recliner chair. Elderly individuals encounter various challenges that impact their posture, balance, and susceptibility to falls, including:

  • Vision changes affecting their sight
  • Reduced muscle mass, impacting their posture and balance

Ensure they are correctly positioned, with their legs resting on the footrest or footplates. These additions will prevent them from slipping out of the recliner chair.

A high-quality recliner chair with well-designed footrests will effectively serve this purpose. Certain chairs are crafted with top-notch footplates, providing excellent support for the elderly and those with dementia or physical limitations.

Many contemporary senior recliners come with a tilt-in-space feature or an adjustable seat. This function sets the chair in a reclined position, where the older person sits with more of their body weight leaning back. This configuration reduces the risk of falling.

Be sure to adjust the recliner chair to an appropriate backward tilt. The chair’s lever system will assist you in achieving the correct reclined posture that enhances safety against falling out.

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to an accident involving a faulty recliner chair, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. They know what damages you can claim

Did you suffer an injury due to an accident?

Suppose you or your loved one suffered an injury from a malfunctioning product like a recliner chair. In that case, your best option is to speak to a lawyer. They can help assess the situation and advise you on your next action. They can also help determine the damage you should pray for in court. 

The Personal Injury Center can help you in this case. Aside from networking you with the best personal injury lawyers, they also provide legal resources to educate you about your rights. Get in touch with them today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Push Back Recliner Chairs

How do you choose the right recliner size?

Selecting a recliner size involves your room space and the user’s size. You should also consider the accessibility of other areas to your home when choosing the right recliner size.

  • Petite recliners are suitable for shorter individuals, around five feet three inches or less.
  • Larger recliners are designed for those six feet, three inches, or taller.
  • Medium-sized chairs fit most average-sized people.

A helpful tip: When reclined, your feet should only hang within the chair’s edge.

What’s the lifespan of a recliner?

The lifespan of a recliner varies. Depending on quality and usage, a new one can last 7 to 20 years. A well-made chair usually lasts 7 to 10 years with regular, daily use. Leather recliners generally add another five years. Adjust this based on heavy or rough usage, like kids or pets interacting with the chair.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of power versus manual recliners?

The advantage of power recliners is their ease of use, which requires minimal physical strength. It’s a luxurious experience as you simply press a button for adjustment. However, there are downsides:

  • They are heavier.
  • They need proximity to an outlet for operation.
  • Their motors can wear out over time.

Is a reclining chair good for posture?

Reclining chairs can be beneficial for your back. Sitting upright at a 90-degree angle for extended periods can lead to back pain. Research indicates that sitting in a reclined position is better for the spine as it reduces pressure.

Why is sleeping in a recliner easier?

The 135-degree reclining position puts less strain on the spine, potentially reducing back pain. Uncomfortable beds can also lead to back pain. A recliner chair lets you adjust angles for optimal comfort while sleeping.

Is reclining better than sitting?

Reclining gently stretches your back muscles, eases spine compression, and is often more comfortable than other positions. Remember to consider your arms and neck/head positions when reclining.