Back Pain Relief Products

9 Best Back Pain Relief Products You Need To Try Today

Back pain is not merely discomfort but a significant hindrance to daily life, affecting over 619 million people worldwide. Alarmingly, low back pain is a leading cause of disability globally, with incidents like slip and fall accidents often exacerbating the problem. 

The market offers a multitude of products promising comfort and pain relief. But which ones are truly worth it? 

Key Takeaways
  • Back pain can significantly affect an individual’s quality of life, making effective management vital.
  • There are many different back pain relief products, each with specific indications and effects.
  • While many back pain relief options are available today, seeking professional medical help is advisable, especially for chronic back pain.

Our Top Picks

ImageProduct NameBest Of
AleveAleveBest Over-the-Counter MedicationJump to Review
SalonpasBest Topical Cream and OintmentJump to Review
Sunbeam XpressHeatSunbeam XpressHeatBest Heating PadJump to Review
Breg Polar Care WaveBreg Polar Care WaveBest Cold Therapy DeviceJump to Review
Upright GO 2 PremiumUpright GO 2 PremiumBest Posture CorrectorJump to Review
Theragun EliteTheragun EliteBest Back MassagerJump to Review
Omron Max Power ReliefOmron Max Power EliteBest TENS UnitJump to Review
TriggerPoint Grid 1.0 Foam Massage RollerTriggerPoint Grid 1.0 Foam Massage RollerBest Foam RollerJump to Review
Hoka Bondi 8Hoka Bondi 8Best Walking ShoesJump to Review

1. Best over-the-counter (OTC) medication: Aleve

Image taken from Aleve


  • Good for offering temporary back pain relief 
  • Provides extended relief than some OTC pain relievers, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol)


  • Extended use can lead to serious stomach issues, including bleeding or ulcers
  • Some might experience high blood pressure, kidney problems, or heart failure

Pain, particularly in the back, can be disruptive. For many, the first line of defense against such discomfort often comes as OTC medications. The most common are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve). These drugs inhibit enzymes that produce prostaglandins, which are compounds linked to inflammation and pain in the body.

As a pain reliever, Aleve is not exclusive to back pain. You can use it for neck pain or general discomfort. 

Since these medications are easily accessible in pharmacies and online stores, regulation may be challenging. We suggest adhering to the recommended dosage. Note that these medications are designed for short-term pain relief. If you rely on them for an extended period, seek medical attention to address any underlying issues. 

If you’re taking other medications, especially multiple OTC products, read labels and consult a doctor to avoid potentially harmful interactions.

Also, ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredients in these OTC drugs. Check with your doctor if your health conditions make certain medications unsuitable.

While OTC medications provide convenient relief from back pain, they’re not without risks. 

2. Best topical cream and ointment: Salonpas

Image taken from Hisamitsu


  • Offers direct, localized pain relief by penetrating deeper into the skin
  • Dual-action formula 


  • Possible allergic reactions for those sensitive to the active ingredients
  • Merely masks the pain, not addressing the root cause

Topical pain relievers are an excellent option for those who prefer or need an alternative to oral medications. We particularly like creams and ointments since they’re applied to the skin over the affected area. 

Many topical pain relievers contain menthol, camphor, and methyl salicylate. These compounds create a warm or cool sensation on the skin, distracting the user from the pain. Some creams and gels contain an NSAID. Unlike oral medications, topical treatments have fewer side effects, as the active ingredients don’t circulate widely in the bloodstream.

Salonpas is a well-known brand in the world of topical pain relief. Their products contain a blend of active ingredients like methyl salicylate and menthol, which work in tandem to provide pain relief.

However, Salonpas only provides temporary pain relief. You may experience some minor side effects. For instance, skin irritation, manifesting as redness, itching, or burning, is possible. We advise testing a small amount on a skin patch before full application. 

Never apply topical products to broken or irritated skin. This can exacerbate irritation or introduce the active ingredients more deeply than intended. After applying, wash your hands thoroughly, especially before touching sensitive areas like the eyes.

Avoid tightly bandaging or applying heat to where the Salonpas is, as this can intensify the effects or lead to burns.

3. Best heating pad: Sunbeam XpressHeat

Sunbeam XpressHeat
Image taken from Sunbeam


  • Heats up almost instantly, providing immediate relief
  • Comes with a convenient auto-off feature for safety


  • Standard size may not suit everyone
  • Slight risk of malfunction

Using a heat wrap or pad is another option for resolving back pain by relaxing the muscles. Of the products in the market, Sunbeam XpressHeat stands out for its features. In just 30 seconds, users can feel the warmth radiating from the pad. This quick heat-up time means faster relief from pain and discomfort. 

We like how Sunbeam has incorporated multiple heat settings since everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to warmth. This feature lets users adjust the temperature according to their preference and the relief they seek.

We also like its micro plush cover that feels gentle and soft against the skin. This plush fabric enhances the overall experience of using the pad. It also ensures that users can relax while benefiting from the therapeutic warmth.

Beyond the highlighted features, it’s worth noting that many Sunbeam heating pads, including the XpressHeat, often come with an auto-off function. 

The Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad, while effective, has possible drawbacks that users should be aware of. Some might find the standard size does not fit their specific needs, suggesting a demand for more size options. 

As with any electric appliance, there’s always a risk of short-circuiting. This can happen if it gets wet or the cord is damaged. Even with its auto-off function, the pad can still overheat, which might be uncomfortable and cause minor burns. 

Another concern is the potential for users to become dependent on the pad for relief, which could overshadow underlying health issues that require medical attention.

4. Best cold therapy device: Breg Polar Care Wave

Breg Polar Care Wave
Image taken from Breg


  • Provides continuous cold therapy, eliminating the need for ice replacement
  • Adjustable compression levels for custom comfort


  • More cumbersome and less portable than traditional ice packs
  • Some might find the price prohibitive

Out of all the cold therapy devices in the market, we like Polar Wave for its combination of targeted cold therapy with pneumatic compression. This feature offers a higher level of relief than regular ice packs or passive cooling methods. Its compact design, combined with its quiet operation, makes it ideal for both clinical (facility) and home use. 

Of course, the system is designed by Breg, which has built a reputation as one of the top providers of orthopedic braces in the US.

However, such specialized equipment is more expensive than cold packs, making it potentially out of reach for some. Also, the system may require regular maintenance checks to ensure efficiency, especially if used frequently.

While cold therapy benefits many injuries, it might not suit all conditions. Some situations might benefit from heat therapy, which this system doesn’t offer.

We also find the product too technical for some users, especially older adults or those not technologically inclined. Setting up and operating the system might be more complex than simpler cold therapy solutions.

Overall, it’s an excellent alternative if you want back pain relief better than conventional ice packs. 

5. Best posture corrector: Upright GO 2 Premium

Upright GO 2 Premium
Image taken from Upright Pose


  • Syncs with a dedicated app to track progress over time
  • Caters to a broader user base with varied preferences


  • Needs to be consistently worn to be effective
  • Some users might find the vibration feedback distracting

We like the Upright GO 2 Premium out of all the posture correctors on the market. This state-of-the-art device seamlessly assists users in achieving improved spinal alignment and, over time, better pain management.

What’s impressive about the Upright GO 2 Premium is its adeptness in utilizing built-in movement sensors. These sensors continually monitor the user’s posture, feeding this information to the accompanying smartphone app. On top of storing data, this app offers real-time feedback and comprehensive progress reports, allowing users to gauge their improvements over time. 

For those seeking an active training mechanism, this device doesn’t disappoint. When set to its training mode, a gentle vibration is triggered every time the user slouches. This subtle reminder prompts users to correct their posture instantaneously. 

However, the Upright GO 2 Premium can function solely as a monitoring device without vibration reminders for those who prefer a passive approach.

6. Best back massager: Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite
Image taken from Therabody


  • Effective for deep tissue massages
  • Caters to different muscle groups and pain points
  • Has an ergonomic design


  • Pricier than most massagers on the market
  • Heavier than other similar devices

Another must-have product for back pain is a back massager. The Theragun Elite is one of the flagship products from the brand Therabody, renowned for its percussion massage devices. It boasts a 16mm amplitude, delving 60 percent deeper into muscles than most back massagers while delivering an impressive 40 percussion per second. 

Remarkably, this power doesn’t come at the cost of user experience. The device seamlessly integrates with the Therabody app, enriching users with guided routines and invaluable real-time feedback. 

But the striking feature that sets Theragun Elite apart is its QuietForce Technology. Despite the immense power of this massage gun, it operates with minimal sound, owing to this proprietary noise-dampening tech.

It offers a range of speed settings catering to individualistic needs. This thoughtfulness extends to its physical design. Its ergonomic multi-grip ensures users can hold the device in multiple ways without strain. 

The Theragun Elite is a premium percussive therapy tool providing deep muscle treatment with smart integrations. While its high cost might be a barrier for some, its performance, durability, and versatility can offer great value for those looking to invest in a top-of-the-line muscle recovery tool.

7. Best TENS unit: Omron Max Power Relief

Omron Max Power Relief
Image taken from Omron


  • It offers users a multifaceted approach to pain relief
  • Provides multiple intensity levels
  • Compact design 


  • Might be unsuitable for certain conditions or health concerns
  • Requires a consistent regimen for optimal results

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units are therapeutic devices used primarily for pain management, including back pain. The theory is that this stimulation can help stop the nerve pain signals to the brain. In simpler terms, by “confusing” the nerve signals with these electrical impulses, the brain receives fewer signals interpreted as pain.

Besides nerve blocking, electrical stimulation may also prompt the body to produce higher amounts of endorphins. When released, this natural painkiller can act similarly to morphine by blocking pain perception. For some people, the TENS unit might help reduce pain by triggering or stimulating the muscles to contract and relax. It acts as a muscle relaxant that relieves backache. 

The Omron Max Power Relief is an innovative back pain management tool available on Amazon. This device is a proven effective pain management technology, diverging from conventional methods like a lumbar brace or back support. The Omron Max Power Relief delivers controlled electrical impulses through its electrodes, targeting specific pain areas. 

It’s worth noting, however, that while many people find relief using this medical device, its effectiveness can vary from person to person. It’s a game-changer for some, while others may experience minimal relief. TENS may not be suitable for those with underlying circulation issues as it can increase blood flow and dislodge a blood clot. 

8. Best foam roller: TriggerPoint Grid 1.0 Foam Massage Roller

TriggerPoint Grid 1.0 Foam Massage Roller
Image taken from TP Therapy


  • The multi-dimensional surface offers a range of pressure applications
  • Highly durable
  • Targets various body parts
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Require initial research or guidance for those new to foam rolling
  • Roller may be too firm for beginner users
  • Compact size may be less effective for heavy-set individuals

Many physical therapists have championed this foam roller as a go-to for alleviating discomfort, particularly for those struggling with lower back pain. The TriggerPoint Grid 1.0 Foam Massage Roller is an exceptional tool in physical therapy and wellness. 

Unlike traditional back massagers, the Grid 1.0 offers a unique multi-dimensional surface that simulates the feeling of a therapist’s hands, ranging from the fingertips to the palm. This design intends to replicate the targeted pressure and the broad strokes a therapist would employ during a session. It provides users with professional physical therapy and self-administered relief. 

We also love its durability, making it a long-lasting addition to anyone’s wellness toolkit.

9. Best walking shoes: Hoka Bondi 8

Hoka Bondi 8
Image taken from Hoka


  • Extra cushioned midsole for comfort
  • Designed for moisture-wicking and ventilation
  • Podiatrist-approved: Recognized by the APMA for promoting good foot health


  • Bulkier compared to other sneakers
  • Might run narrow for some users
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum

Walking, an activity often touted for its numerous health benefits, can paradoxically be debilitating for individuals with back pain. Each step generates forces reverberating through the spine, exacerbating pain, mainly if the person’s gait or posture isn’t optimal. The repetitive impact and the act of maintaining an upright position while walking can put undue strain on the lumbar region.

The Hoka Bondi 8, however, aims to combat these challenges and make walking more bearable for those grappling with back pain. Its design features an extra cushioned midsole, which acts as a shock absorber. It controls the impact of each footfall and reduces the strain on the back. 

The sneaker is adept at moisture-wicking and boasts advanced ventilation features, ensuring the foot remains dry and comfortable. This is crucial, as a moist environment could lead to slipping, affecting the gait and potentially intensifying back pain. Significantly, the Hoka Bondi 8 is not just a product of ergonomic design but comes with a stamp of approval from medical professionals. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recognizes it as a shoe promoting good foot health. 

While its benefits are plentiful, potential users should know a few drawbacks. Its design is bulkier than other sneakers in its category, which might not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preference. 

Some users have reported that it runs narrow, which could compromise comfort for those with wider feet. While its features are advanced and beneficial, they come at a price. The Hoka Bondi 8 is at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Best Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Best Exercises for Back Pain Relief
Image by Jamie Ginsberg on Unsplash

Living with back pain can be an excruciating experience that affects every aspect of daily life. While many products on the market promise lower back pain relief, they give the best results when combined with exercise. 

For safety, use a back brace or lumbar support when exercising. Check with your doctor if you can engage in light exercises. If not, explore other options like acupuncture or nutritional nerve supplements. 

Pelvic tilts

This exercise focuses on strengthening the core, ensuring better support for the spine, and promoting a neutral spine position.

  • Lie flat on your back. Keep knees bent and feet flat on the ground or floor. 
  • Flatten your lower back against the surface and tighten your abdominal muscles. 
  • Tilt your pelvis up slightly. 
  • Hold for a few seconds, and then relax. 
  • Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Child’s pose

This stretch helps elongate the spine, offering significant relief to those with lower back pain.

  • Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. 
  • Sit on your heels, extending your hands forward. 
  • Lower your chest toward the floor, resting your forehead on the ground. 
  • Feel the stretch along your spine and hold for 30 seconds to a minute.

Cat-cow stretch

This dynamic stretch helps mobilize the spine, addressing the lower and upper back.

  • Begin in a tabletop position on your hands and knees. 
  • As you inhale, arch your back (cow pose) and lift your head and tailbone to the ceiling. 
  • Round your back (cat pose) as you exhale, tucking your chin and tailbone. 
  • Cycle between these positions for 30 seconds to a minute.

Knee-to-chest stretch

This exercise is perfect for those experiencing tightness in the lower back and hip muscles.

  • Lie on your back. Keep your knees bent. 
  • Bring the knee to your chest, holding it with both hands. 
  • Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, feeling the stretch in your lower back and hip. 
  • Switch sides and repeat.


This exercise strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles to support the spine.

  • With your back on the floor, bend your knees. Maintain feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. 
  • Pressing into your heels, lift hips off the ground, and squeeze glutes at the top. 
  • Ensure your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. 
  • Lower down slowly and repeat 10 to 15 times.

Engaging in these exercises consistently can be a game-changer for those dealing with persistent back pain. Not only do they offer immediate relief, but they also pave the way for a healthier back in the long run.

Top 5 Thoughtful and Budget-Friendly Gifts for Back Pain Relief in 2023

Overcome Pain With the Best Back Pain Relief Products

There is no shortage of back pain relief products in the market. This doesn’t mean, however, that all provide the best solution to your physical discomfort

Remember that these products can provide relief but aren’t a replacement for professional medical advice. When it comes to chronic pain management, consulting healthcare professionals is necessary. They know the most appropriate treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions on Back Pain Relief Products

Are there tech gadgets for back pain?

Yes, there are numerous tech gadgets available today that can alleviate back pain. These gadgets are designed to provide relief, improve posture, and address the root causes of back pain. 

Some gadgets include posture correctors and electronic pulse massagers. Others have specialized cushions with built-in tech features to promote spinal alignment.

What diagnostic procedure should I undergo for back pain?

X-Rays and MRI scans are two standard imaging tests for diagnosing back pain. X-Rays provide images of the bones, revealing issues like fractures or osteoarthritis. However, they don’t show problems with the muscles, spinal cord, or discs between the vertebrae. 

On the other hand, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan offers a more detailed view. It shows issues with discs, muscles, ligaments, and the spinal cord without exposing patients to ionizing radiation.

Can pregnant women use back pain relief products?

Yes, pregnant women can use specific back pain relief products. However, choose options that are safe during pregnancy. Common remedies include wearing a maternity support belt and doing prenatal exercises that strengthen the core and relieve back pain. Avoid high temperatures and prolonged exposure when using warm compresses or heating pads.

OTC pain relievers, like acetaminophen, can be safe for short-term relief. Still, consult with a healthcare provider before taking any medications during pregnancy.

Are there back pain relief products for the elderly?

Yes, there are several products that older adults can use. Infrared therapy belts penetrate deep into the muscles to promote blood circulation and reduce back pain. They can also use lumbar pillows on their chairs or beds to alleviate lower back pain.

Topical pain relievers and therapeutic massagers also afford back pain relief.

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