Can I File a Case if I Suffer Injury From Rottweiler Bites?

Researchers found that almost 1,000 people daily need medical attention for dog bite injuries. Furthermore, the study showed that most victims received bites from their pet animals. Dog bite statistics also show that young children are the most common victims of dog attacks.

However, dangerous dogs can attack almost anyone. In January 2019, six dogs attacked a 70-year-old woman, resulting in her death. The animals belonged to someone in the same neighborhood. A veterinarian will analyze them as part of the investigation.

A one-year-old boy in Kentucky also died after being attacked by the family dog. According to Guthrie Police, the pit bull mix left deep abrasions on the child’s head, chest, and neck. The boy’s great-grandmother also suffered contusions on the left cheek. Both victims were taken to the hospital to seek medical attention, but the child died from his injuries.

A dog attack incident in Texas involved a mixed-breed German Shepherd and a pit bull. They attacked a 21-year-old woman, tearing off her ears, nose, and most of her face. According to her lawyer, she needs extensive medical treatment for her debilitating injuries.

Contact a personal injury attorney if you suffered injuries due to a dog attack. They can help prove liability, so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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Key Takeaways
  • Rottweiler bites can cause scarring, infections, nerve damage, and death.
  • Dog aggression can be classified into defensive, frustration-elicited, fear, pain-induced, protective, and territorial.
  • The legal principles determining responsibility include negligence, strict liability, and the one-bite rule.

Rottweiler Bites: Dangerous or Not?

Rottweilers are protective and loyal, but they can be dangerous to intruders. Due to this aggressiveness, several cities and counties passed breed-specific laws and ordinances regarding Rottweilers and pit bulls. For instance, Ravenden and Salem in Arkansas ban the ownership of pit bulls and Rottweilers. 

Morrilton passed an ordinance in 2014 regarding fowl and animal ownership. The city lists American Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers, and Rottweilers as dangerous dogs. 

Due to this classification, the ordinance requires owners to place these dog breeds in a six-foot locked fence. It seeks to prevent people from entering the dog yards. Pet owners must also put signs warning of aggressive breeds with their phone numbers. This poster allows potential victims to contact owners immediately. 

The city of Morrilton imposes a fine of up to $500 for the third offense. Owners must also pay a $200 fine per incident in case of loose, unvaccinated, and aggressive dogs.

Moreover, Section 5-27 of the Breaux Bridge Code of Ordinances states that pit bulls and rottweilers are presumed vicious or dangerous breeds. Owners must comply with several requirements. 

These include putting a leash and muzzle on their dog and confining them indoors or in a locked pen. Owners must also put warning signs where they keep their dogs. The city of Breaux Bridge places a maximum fine of $500 or a jail time of 60 days for anyone who violates the ordinance.

Kirklin, Indiana, bans pit bulls, rottweilers, and chow chows. However, some legislators want to stop breed-specific laws. For example, Senator Blake Doriot of Northern Indiana seeks to pass a state law prohibiting local dog bans. According to him, there is no such thing as aggressive breeds, only bad owners.

Reasons for Dog Attacks

There are different types of dog aggression, and knowing these classifications can help owners prevent possible dog attacks.

Defensive aggression

When aggressive dogs view another dog or person as a threat and cannot retreat, they attack out of fear. They also show a combination of fearful and offensive postures. Fatal dog attacks can happen due to defensive aggression, whether the victim freezes or continues to move.

Fear aggression

It is closely related to defensive aggression. Instead of escaping, fearful dogs may exhibit hostile behavior when scared. Aggressive dogs will switch to a fight rather than a flight response. Moreover, this type of aggression is common in all dogs, including males, females, adults, and puppies. 

Frustration-elicited aggression

Dogs can be dangerous when someone holds them back from something they want to do. For instance, Rottweilers can become hostile when dog owners put them behind a gate, in a cage, or on a leash. Since the leash or cage prevents the dogs from reaching whatever they want, it frustrates them. As a result, they redirect this negative emotion to another person, animal, or thing.

Pain-induced aggression

Most pet animals are friendly but can turn dangerous when in pain. For example, a dog with a painful wound can bite without warning if you brush against them. Moreover, they can attack a person or another animal that inflicts pain. For example, when a Rottweiler suffers injuries from wearing a prong collar, it can turn on its owner.

Protective aggression

Pet dogs can be overly protective of their owners. As a result, they may show protective aggression if they think someone intends to harm their pet parents. Also, they can get aggressive when defending a family member they think might be in danger.

Territorial aggression

Dogs are also inherently territorial. Hence, guard dogs usually attack strangers who enter their homes. Although dogs can defend their owners’ homes from thieves and criminals, their territorial instinct can also harm innocent people.

Common Injuries After Rottweiler Bites

A dog bite can cause scarring if it reaches the dermis or the middle layer of the skin. For instance, the victim of the dog attack incident in Texas will need several reconstructive surgeries to fix her face. Noticeable scars may also affect a person’s self-confidence. As a result, dog bite victims can suffer from low self-esteem and negative body image.

Rottweiler attacks can also lead to rabies, a potentially fatal viral infection. Unfortunately, most dog bite victims only notice the signs weeks after the RABV virus enters their bodies. The symptoms include fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and diarrhea. If the infection is the furious form, they could experience agitation, delirium, seizures, and hallucinations.

Aside from these illnesses, a dog bite can transmit Capnocytophaga germs. Its symptoms include redness or draining pus at the wound site, fever, headache, muscle pain, and diarrhea. It can even lead to sepsis in severe cases. 

Attacks from a Rottweiler can also cause nerve damage. Although a bite might not leave a large wound, a deep one could still affect the nerves, bones, and muscles. Victims with nerve damage might experience difficulty moving a finger or reduced sensation. You might need to consult a neurologist if you suffer from nerve damage.

If you sustained injuries from Rottweiler bites, a dog bite attorney could help you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress.

Wrongful Death in a Rottweiler Bite Accident

Researchers say up to 50 people die from dog bite attacks yearly. In the 2019 dog bite fatality statistics, Rottweilers ranked as the third most dangerous dog in fatalities. 

Among the breeds with bites that can kill include pit bulls, which ranked first with 33 victims. Mixed breeds ranked second with six victims, while German Shepherds tied with other breeds in fourth place. Other dog breeds on the list include the mastiff, American bulldog, Doberman Pinscher, and Dutch shepherd.

A dog attack that resulted in death happened in Fort Hall, Idaho, where two Rottweilers and two mixed breeds killed a young boy and injured his mother. According to the Fort Hall Police Department, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes’ authorities put down the dangerous dogs.

Young children are often the victims of aggressive breeds. For instance, a fatal dog attack involving three Rottweilers killed a two-year-old boy. He was taken to two hospitals but later died due to his injuries.

In Augusta County, VA, a Rottweiler attack led to the death of a seven-year-old girl. The Waynesboro Police Department took the dangerous dog for standard quarantine protocol. Moreover, they charged the dog owner with an offense under Section 3.2-6540 of the Virginia Code. It describes the dog owners’ responsibilities after an attack.

A dog bite lawyer can help the immediate family receive reimbursement for funeral costs and medical bills due to a dog attack. Families of dog bite victims can also demand payment for grief and loss of companionship.

Establishing Liability in a Rottweiler Bite Accident

States follow varying rules to determine liability in a dog attack. These doctrines include negligence, strict liability, and the one-bite rule.


Negligence is the failure to act reasonably to protect others from harm. The elements of negligence include:

  • Defendant’s legal duty
  • Breach of the duty
  • Plaintiff’s injury
  • The breach caused the injury

A sample scenario involves a Rottweiler owner with a legal duty to keep their dog on a leash. Suppose the owner allows the dog to run loose, and the Rottweiler bites someone. In that case, they are liable for the victim’s injuries.

In Ross v. Lowe, the Supreme Court of Indiana stated that a pet owner must exercise reasonable care under the given circumstances. Ross was a meter reader for the Northern Indiana Public Service Company. He went to Lowe’s home in his official capacity. 

Lowe’s dog, Travis, attacked Ross while he was in Lowe’s backyard. As a result, he dislocated his shoulder and suffered other injuries. The Supreme Court found that Lowe was negligent in restraining his dog.

Section 5-62-125 of the Arkansas Code also states that a person is liable for a dog attack under the following conditions:

  • The owner knows the dog is dangerous
  • The owner allows the dog to attack another individual
  • The incident caused injuries or wrongful death

Strict liability

Strict liability is when the defendant is liable regardless of their intent. For instance, Section 13-21-124 of the Colorado Revised Statutes provides that an injured person can demand compensation from a dog owner. The dog bite law does not require the victim to prove the owner’s knowledge of the animal’s tendency to harm others.

Suppose a person suffered injuries from a dog attack on public or private property. In that case, the injured party need not prove negligence to get compensation. However, one of the exceptions includes trespassing. Hence, if a person unlawfully enters the property and suffers from a dog bite, they may not be eligible for compensation.

Section 27-1-715 of the Montana Code also follows the strict liability rule in case of dog bites. The statute does not require that the dog belongs to a dangerous breed for it to apply. It states that if a dog, without provocation, bites another person, the owner is responsible for damages.

Hence, the victim may file a personal injury case against the owner without proving negligence. The law also does not require the owner to know about the animal’s viciousness. However, the injured party must have lawfully entered the public or private property.

One-bite rule

The one-bite rule requires the plaintiff to prove that the dog owner knew or should have known the dog’s propensity to harm people. The defendant can be liable if the injured party proves the owner’s knowledge or negligence.In Poy v. Grayson, the Supreme Court of Mississippi overturned the Circuit Court verdict for Grayson for personal injury damages on appeal. The appellee, Poy, proved that Grayson failed to establish the puppy’s dangerous disposition before the attack.

Did you know?

In 2021, the Insurance Information Institute (III) reported that homeowners insurers paid $882 million in dog bite-related and other dog-related injury claims.

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FAQs on Rottweiler Bites

You should seek immediate medical attention, then get the dog owner's name and contact details. It would help to ask for witness statements and contact information.

Take pictures of the vicinity and your injuries as evidence for your claim. Moreover, make sure to report the incident to the authorities.

Compensation depends on the facts of your case. For example, you might need costly medical treatment if you get severe infections. Hence, you can demand a higher amount of compensation. You will likely get a much lower amount if you sustain only minor cuts.

The American Veterinary Medical Association advises owners to be responsible and socialize their pets to prevent dog aggression. Avoid risky situations and pay close attention to the dog's behavior.