Using a Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Using a Pillow for Tailbone Pain: Easy, Comfy, and Affordable

The tailbone (coccyx) is a small, triangle-shaped bone at the base of the spine. Despite its small size, pain from this bone can be debilitating. The impact of such discomfort on your daily life can be considerable, hindering even routine activities such as walking, standing, and sitting. Unfortunately, tailbone pain is quite common and can result from many causes. For example, injury and trauma can cause pain – think childbirth or taking a hard fall. An underlying medical condition, such as a herniated disc, can also cause this type of pain. 

As each person experiences tailbone pain differently, it’s essential to see your healthcare provider to determine the exact cause of your pain and receive instructions for an effective treatment plan. Your recommended treatment will depend on the cause of your pain, its severity, and how much it affects your daily life. Possible treatments include: 

  • Rest. Some minor strains and injuries will heal on their own with a few days or weeks of rest. 
  • Physical therapy. A physical therapist can teach you techniques for relaxing the area and relieving pain. 
  • Medicine. Injections and pain relief medications may be helpful in some instances. 
  • Surgery. Surgery may sometimes be necessary to address the underlying issue or even remove the coccyx entirely.

Finding the Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Finding the Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Whether your condition is minor and temporary or severe and chronic, the right pillow can make a huge difference in your comfort and general quality of life. A donut pillow or one designed to relieve tailbone pain will eliminate pressure on the tailbone, provide targeted support, distribute body weight evenly, and promote healthy posture. If you have to sit for extended periods, such as in your car or at your desk, these cushions can keep you comfortable and facilitate a healthy recovery from the condition causing your pain. 

There are several types of pillow designs to relieve tailbone pain. In general, you can explore: 

  • Donut pillows
  • Wege-shaped pillows
  • Coccyx cushions

Regardless of the shape, any pillow you choose should be made of quality materials, such as memory foam, that can balance comfort and firmness. The pillow’s shape, size, and design should cater to your needs, so ask your doctor or physical therapist for a recommendation. Otherwise, be sure to look for a pillow that offers portability and versatility so that you can use it anywhere you must sit for more than a few minutes. Your pillow should also feature a removable and washable cover with good breathability for optimal comfort. Here are a few recommendations. 

Everlasting Comfort Doctor Recommended Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain Relief, Donut Pillow for Tailbone, Office Chair Cushions - Supports Posture
  • OFFICE CHAIR SEAT CUSHION: Our everlasting comfort seat cushion is ideal for extended workdays. Made with premium memory foam, it supports the butt, conforming to your body for all-day comfort in office chairs or car seats
  • ERGONOMIC SEAT CUSHION FOR OFFICE CHAIR: Our desk chair cushion has a U-shaped coccyx cutout, promoting correct spinal alignment and offering lower back support for office chair use, ultimately relieving back pain
  • CAR SEAT CUSHION: Our seat cushion for office chair use also provides a comfortable seating experience in cars. This seat cushion for lower back pain relief doubles as a car seat cushion, suitable for long travel or commute

Experience reliable comfort with this popular desk chair cushion designed to alleviate tailbone and other lower back pain. Made with Comfort Foam, this pillow provides lasting comfort during long workdays by contouring to your body and keeping its shape. The ergonomic design promotes spinal alignment and good posture. The breathable, moisture-wicking cover will keep you cool all day long. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
The cover is easy to clean – simply remove it from the pillow and machine wash. 

This pillow is neither too firm nor too soft; it’s supportive and comfortable. 

It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere and use it wherever you need it. 
This pillow comes in only one size, so it may not be suitable for very tall or large users. 

The elevated area in the front center may be less comfortable for men than women. 

After regular use over time, the pillow may become permanently thinner. 
HOMCA Donut Pillow for Tailbone Pain, Hemorrhoid Pillows for Sitting After Surgery, Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Postpartum Pregnancy, Car Seat Office Chair Cushion for Pressure Relief
  • 【Premium Memory Foam Seat Cushion】The memory foam donut cushion core is made of high-density, slow-rebound memory foam that provides strong support. It will not deform even after long term use. Memory foam has a heat-sensing function that senses body temperature to fit the body's curves and provide optimum comfort.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The contoured area of the butt pillow provides effective support for hips and thighs. Hollow design in the centre of the tailbone cushion relieves hemorrhoids and post-operative pain. The ergonomic U-shaped groove design reduces pressure on the tailbone from sitting for long periods of time.
  • 【Washable Velvet Pillowcase】The surface of the pillowcase is made of great soft velvet and the bottom is equipped with non-slip silicone. The smooth zip allows you to remove the pillowcase for washing at any time. However, please be careful not to leave the tail cushion on light-coloured leather material surfaces for a long time to prevent accidental staining.

This ergonomic donut pillow for tailbone pain boasts a contoured design featuring a recessed end to eliminate pressure on the tailbone, a hollow design for proper spinal alignment, and a concave front to help your legs feel relaxed. The pillow is crafted from high-quality memory foam, providing long-lasting support and promoting pain-free sitting. Use it in the office, on the road, in a wheelchair, or anywhere else to make sitting more tolerable. The non-slip backing is a nice touch that keeps the pillow from slipping out of place. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
This pillow has just the right amount of firmness to be both supportive and comfortable. 

Users report immediate relief of their back or tailbone pain when sitting on this pillow. 

It’s a lightweight, portable, versatile, and affordable option. 
The hole may be too small for some users, meaning there will still be too much pressure on painful areas. 

The pillow compresses substantially when in use. 

The darker-colored cover may stain light-colored furniture. 
CloudBliss Donut Pillow Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain Relief and Hemorrhoids, Memory Foam Seat Chair Cushion for Postpartum Pregnancy, Seat Cushions for Men and Women, (Black)
  • ✔[Suitable Size] CloudBliss donut pillow measures 17.44" x 13.39" x 2.64". The donut pillow can be taken anywhere, and can be used for any type of chair, such as wheelchair, office chair, airplane, car, bleachers at games, dining chair, etc. Its portable and lightweight design allows you to take it with you wherever you go, ensuring you never have to compromise on your comfort.
  • ✔[Ergonomic Design] CloudBliss tailbone pain relief seat cushion features an ergonomic "U" shaped gap and center hole that evenly distributes weight, reducing hip pressure when in use and effectively reducing pressure on the tailbone, thus alleviating hemorrhoidal pain and relieving discomfort caused by sitting for long periods of time. Ideal for pregnant women, post-surgery recoveries, office workers and more.
  • ✔[High Quality Seat Cushion] With CloudBliss hemorrhoid pillow, you don't have to let pain hinder your everyday activities. The donut pillow's cover is made of comfortable and breathable fabric, and the inner core is made from high-quality memory foam. It is built to last and provide long-lasting comfort, both in material and shape, making it a high quality cushion product.

CloudBliss offers a versatile and portable donut pillow suitable for various settings, such as office chairs, wheelchairs, airplane seats, and more. The U-shaped gap and center hole help distribute your weight evenly, reduce hip pressure, and alleviate tailbone pain. This pillow is ideal for pregnant women, office workers, post-surgery recovery, and more. If you have lower back pain due to spending too much time sitting, this pillow can help improve your posture and relieve that discomfort. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
There are several colors to choose from. 

The memory foam conforms to your body and then regains shape after each use. 

The breathable materials keep you from feeling too warm. 
The pillow is not firm enough to support heavier users without flattening. 
A few users report that they received pillows that appeared pre-owned rather than brand-new. 
Dr. Frederick’s Original Donut Pillow - 15" Inflatable Donut Cushion for Tailbone Pain Relief - Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids, Bed Sores, Prostatitis - Vinyl & Flannel - Red
  • Fast Comfortable Pain Relief: Our Original Donut Cushion is a must-have for lower back, tailbone, backside, and butt pain. The durable ring shape distributes body weight evenly to take pressure off of the perineum, and relieve pelvic, perineal, and anal pain. Plus, the comfy cushion seat helps your posture to mitigate future pain. Finally, you can sit comfortably again!
  • Durable And Odor-Free Cushion: No one wants a cushion (or a backside) that smells like burned rubber. Our comfortable donut pillow is completely odorless and latex-free. Plus, the synthetic flannel cover is hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and holds up to 330lbs comfortably. Trust us, this is the quality you and your lower back deserve!
  • Easy To Inflate And Adjust: Our Donut Cushion comes with a small hand air pump, to make inflation a breeze! We don’t think you should struggle to inflate your cushion, or fight shortness of breath when you’re already fighting pain. Our donut pillow is easy to inflate, and will be ready for use in minutes. We recommend playing with the amount of inflation to find your desired level of firmness and comfort.

This inflatable donut cushion is suitable for even the smallest budgets, making it a popular choice for people who crave tailbone pain relief. The pillow comes with an easy-to-use pump for quick inflation. Pack the deflated pillow in your purse or luggage and inflate it when you arrive for exceptional portability. Choose the smaller pillow for the car, or if you have a more petite frame, opt for the larger one to use on the couch or for a wider frame. Or get one of each – this pillow is affordable enough to have the best of both worlds. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
There are two sizes so you can find exactly what you need for your situation. 

The low price makes it great for temporary needs such as post-surgery recovery or postpartum healing. 

The pump is easy to use, and the pillow inflates quickly. 
The inflatable design means that it is vulnerable to leaks. 

The pump may break after a few uses (although the company seems to provide excellent customer service). 
XAIVEZL Donut Pillow Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain Relief and Hemorrhoids, Home Office Chair Cushion for Long Sitting Work, Memory Foam Car Seat Cushions for Driving Butt Pain & Postpartum Pregnancy
  • Seat Cushion for Tailbone Back Pain Relief: When you have a desk work long sitting, sedentary discomfort is a real issue, long sitting can lead to a variety of health problems, including lower back pain, tailbone pressure. Our office chair cushion design distributes weight evenly, provides back support for chair, reducing pressure and relief pain.
  • Donut Pillow for Hemorrhoids Cushion: For person suffering from hemorrhoids, daily activities feel like a constant struggle. The pain and discomfort can make sitting for extended periods unbearable. Our donut pillow for hemorrhoids provides the necessary support and comfort to alleviate the pressure on sensitive areas, allowing you to sit without aggravating your hemorrhoids.
  • Ergonomic Design: The donut office chair seat cushion shape with ergonomic "U" shaped incisions, use to reduce hip pressure, effectively reduce tailbone pressure, thereby reducing hemorrhoid pain, relieve the discomfort caused by long sitting. Ideal for pregnant women, office workers and car driving

The fun and fashionable designs available on this one stand out in a sea of dark and neutral solid-color cushions. Choose from eight patterns, including colorful floral patterns, paisley, and more. This memory foam donut pillow offers excellent pain relief from the couch to the car, no matter where you use it. If you must deal with tailbone pain, this pillow can make hours of sitting much more bearable. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
You can choose from eight different fun and colorful designs.

The cover is not just cute but also breathable and washable.  

The anti-slip bottom keeps the pillow where you need it. 
While the size of this pillow will work for most users, it may not be ideal for larger individuals. 

The memory foam may not rebound as well over time. 

Finding the Best Donut Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Armed with a proper diagnosis and some general information, you should be able to determine which pillow will relieve your pain the best. Whether using only pillows to relieve some minor soreness or as part of a broader treatment plan, including medication, physical therapy, or surgery, they can be exceedingly handy and affordable to relieve discomfort and help you sit pain-free for extended periods. In many cases, using a pillow for tailbone pain can allow you to participate in your normal daily activities, even if that means sitting for hours, such as at a computer or in a car. Experiment with different tailbone pillows to find the ones that ultimately keep you the most comfortable. 

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