Tips On How to Use a Body Pillow for Back Pain

Tips On How to Use a Body Pillow for Back Pain

Keeping your spine in a neutral position can help prevent back pain. If you already have acute or chronic pain, helping your spine maintain proper alignment can help. Using a body pillow is one way to manage a sore back. This long, rectangular pillow supports and cushions the back while sleeping. Knowing how to use a body pillow for back pain relief can positively influence the quality of your sleep. Having a good night’s rest is crucial to overall good health.

What pillow is best for back pain? 

The “ideal” pillow will differ from person to person. Factors to consider when choosing a good pillow include the following:

  • Good support for your head and neck keeps your spine in a neutral position to alleviate back pain.
  • Comfort – you need support and comfort. Good sleep can often speed up the healing process.
  • Pillow Material – Memory foam shapes itself to your body but may lack adequate support. Poor spinal alignment may result from using pillows made from memory foam. Latex provides comfort and support. Before purchasing a pillow, measure how flat or soft you want it to be when you sleep.
  • Durability – You’ll want a pillow that has a removable, washable cover for hygiene and top-quality inners with a long lifecycle.

Where Should You Place a Pillow When Sleeping?

Back sleepers can place a pillow under their knees, legs, and/or lower back to reduce discomfort. It is best to put a thin pillow under your head and a supportive pillow under your hips and abdomen if you sleep on your stomach. If you sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees and draw them slightly toward your chest. 

Placing your head on a body pillow can reduce neck and back pain and snoring. A J-shaped pillow can help you to sleep more comfortably on your side, which is the healthiest sleeping position. A rectangular pillow can reduce pressure points around your hips and knees. When sleeping in a smaller bed, use a C-shaped pillow. Sleeping with a pillow against your body will help you maintain the posture that best supports your back. 

What pillow is best for back pain? 

Our recommendations for body pillows for back pain relief

Here are three recommendations for body pillows for back pain relief.

Miliard U Shape Total Boty Support 

Milliard U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow Memory Foam with Washable Cover (54in, Velour Grey)
  • U Shaped Pillow Support – Offering long, ergonomic positioning, U body pillows can be used to support and relieve pressure from your arms, back, neck, head, or legs.
  • Customizable Comfort – Inside our long body pillows is thick, cushioned memory foam that can be added to or removed to help you find just the right level of softness.
  • Full-Body Design – Like a relaxing hug all through the night, these long u-shaped body pillows are great for watching TV, nursing children, reading, or sleep comfort.

This ergonomic pillow supports and relieves pressure from your arms, back, neck, head, and legs. The image demonstrates how to use this body pillow as a back pain remedy.

The thick, cushioned memory foam can be increased, or you can remove some of it to achieve the desired density. Sleeping with this pillow is like enjoying a comforting hug throughout the night. It is perfect for side, back, or stomach sleeping. You can also use it to sit upright, curl up in different positions, and rest on the couch.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Offers good head and side support.

Gives excellent support on all sides.
It doesn’t offer the proper support for my stomach.

Getting the cover back on the pillow after washing it was challenging.

Byriver 43 Inch Long C-shaped Body Pillow

BYRIVER 43" Long C Shaped Body Pillow for Adults Men Women, Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck Shoulder Back Pain Relief, Cooling Post Sugery Pillow Pregnancy Pillow, Blue Black Washable Pillowcase (XL)
  • BETTER SLEEP ALIGNMENT: BYRIVER C J shaped full body pillow offers extra support for your arm, belly, legs, and knees to relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy, maternity, post-surgery, sciatica, back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain. Help you maintain a proper sleep alignment, relieve pressure, and get a healing restful sleep.
  • PREGNANCY MUST HAVES, BUT NOT JUST FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: BYRIVER body pillow suits for anyone with trouble sleeping; those with back pain, arthritis, postural issues, or chronic soft tissue; people recovering from surgery. Those with anxiety and depression may also benefit from hugging a comfortable body pillow.
  • PILLOWCASE INCLUDED: The pillow comes with washable breathable cotton pillow cover that is soft, cozy, and cool, ideal for hot sleepers. Inner pillow filled with 2.2lbs 7D hypoallergenic polyester fiber, which is fluffy, fast rebound, and supportive.

This full-body, C-shaped pillow offers extra support for your arms, stomach, legs, and knees when sleeping. It comes with a washable cotton pillow cover. The inner pillow is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber, which is fluffy, supportive and rebounds fast. All these features will help you decide what pillow is best for your back pain relief.

If you fasten the knot and join the pillow’s two ends, it can be used as a nursing pillow, laptop bed pillow, or baby support pillow.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
It was the perfect length and shape for one satisfied customer.

It doesn’t take up too much space on the bed.
It’s too soft to support my arms and legs.

I found it lumpy.

Utopia Bedding Full Body Pillow for Adults

Utopia Bedding Full Body Pillow for Adults (White, 20 x 54 Inch), Long Pillow for Sleeping, Large Pillow Insert for Side Sleepers
  • MULTIPURPOSE USAGE- The body pillow is perfect to use for side sleeping and maternity support. It helps in maintaining the body contours while supporting your shoulders, hips, abdomen, and back.
  • LONG BODY PILLOW- The body pillow is long and dimensioned to the size of 4 feet by 6 inches (20" x 54"). The pillow comes in a vacuum-packed bag to avoid any damage during transport.
  • FINEST QUALITY MATERIAL- The full body pillow has fabric of premium quality Soft Fabric and polyester filling. The double pillow is perfect to use for side sleeping, nursing, and maternity support.

This body pillow helps to maintain your body’s contours while supporting your shoulders, hips, abdomen, and back.

It comes in a vacuum-packed bag to avoid any damage during transport. It has a polyester filling and is excellent for side sleeping, nursing, and maternity support. You can spot clean or hand wash the material, making it easy to care for and maintain.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Provides excellent support for side-sleepers.

Does not lose its shape and firmness.

Expanded quickly when I unpacked it.
Would be better if it came with a pillowcase.

Might not be suitable for very tall people.

Back pain when driving

Poor sitting posture is one of the primary reasons for back pain when driving. Your spine should rest against the back of your car seat, and you should not crouch to avoid a sore back from driving. If you are already suffering from back pain, driving becomes very challenging.

Here are some tips for making your driver’s seat more comfortable and reducing back discomfort.

  1. Knee-high seat: Ensure your seat is the same height as your knees. The back of your thighs should touch the edge of the seat.
  2. Recline your seat slightly: This takes the pressure off your lower spine. Ensure you are close enough to the steering wheel. 
  3. Steering wheel grip: Avoid stretching your arms out fully to grip the steering wheel. Position your hands on the steering wheel at 9 and 3 o’clock. Your head should be in the middle of the headrest. 
  4. Get additional lumbar support from a cushion: Some car seats offer good lower back support, but you could purchase a car seat pillow for back pain relief if yours doesn’t. Any cushion you put on your car seat should fill the space between your lower back and the seat. 

Consider our suggestions for a car seat pillow for back pain.

Quilay 1 in 1 car lumbar support pillow

QYILAY 2 in 1 Car Lumbar Support Pillow, Memory Foam Lower Back Support for Driving Seat, Fill The Space Between The Seat and The Back Pad, Adults Seat Cushion for Car Seat Driver.(Balck)
  • 🚘Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Driving Posture: Our lumbar pillow boasts a wedge-shaped design meticulously crafted to fill the void in your seat, lifting you up from that "bucket" sensation. It provides optimal lower back support, encouraging a healthier driving posture. Bid farewell to discomfort and embrace a vastly more comfortable driving experience.
  • 🚘Improves Driver Visibility: For those with a short torso, this pillow allows the driver greater visibility while driving. Because it’s a foam support that actually gets your butt up as high as your knees in a low-seat car.Designed to raise the height of your seat, it ensures you have the comfort driving position and maximum visibility on the road.
  • 🚘Pain Relief and Comfort: This cushion is expertly contoured to match the natural curves of your seats, ensuring an even seat surface. If you suffer from IT band pain, Scoliosis syndrome, or sciatic pain due to elevated knees relative to your hips while sitting, this cushion provides the solution. Specially engineered to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, it transforms discomfort into pain-free driving.

This cushion is made from memory foam and has a wedge-shaped design. It is ideal to use if you need to raise the height of your seat. Specially designed to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, it supports your lower back and can relieve sciatic pain. It has two plastic tabs on the back to push back into the space between your back and the car seat to hold it in place. The breathable, durable fabric material has a zipper to remove and wash the pillow easily.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
This pillow is supportive and sturdy.

The hole for your tailbone is a unique feature.

Adjustable and comfortable.
One customer found it a bit bulky.

The pillow became very hard.

It didn’t provide the support I was looking for.

Lumbar support pillow for car seat

Lumbar Support Pillow- Memory Foam Car Back Support for Driving Fatigue/Back Pain Relief - Dual Straps Better Fix The Back Support - Dark Gray
  • Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Car Seat:Because of the design of car seat itself,driver lacks enough lumbar/back support, which would easily causes discomfort.Here Dreamer Car lumbar support for car seat driver may help you out.The contour of our memory foam car seat cushions for driving is ergonomically designed,which provides your car seat and your body the support it lacks,bringing you better driving experience.
  • Less Fatigue and More Comfortable for Driving: Made with high quality slowly rebound memory foam, our lower back support car pillow absorbs most pressure from your body when driving. Especially when you speed up,the backrest back support for car would improve more comfort.
  • Dual Straps Design to Fix the Car Cushions for Driving:Elastic strap is used at the bottom, which is suitable for car seats of different sizes. Inelastic strap is used at the top,which fix the back rest pillow driver seat cushion better, without worrying the car cushion sliding around.

This contoured car seat pillow provides comfort and support for your back while you drive.

The memory foam cushion is soft and breathable and absorbs pressure. The straps securely attach the pillow to your car seat. It suits the driver and passenger seats in cars, trucks, buses, and office chairs. When you want to wash it, you can easily remove the cover.

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Supportive and soft, it curves the right way.

I highly recommend this item.

One customer did not find it comfortable.

One customer found the cushion not thick enough at the top.

We spend a substantial amount of our time sleeping and driving. If we can lessen the pain, discomfort, and muscle stiffness of a sore back, all our activities will be more comfortable. Sleeping well makes us generally feel better, and our bodies heal faster. 

Knowing how to use a body pillow for back pain relief could make a noticeable difference in pain levels. Giving our backs proper support to maintain the spine’s correct alignment is essential to alleviate back discomfort. Therefore, researching what pillow is best for your back pain is worth researching. Knowing which car seat pillow for back pain other customers recommend is also helpful. 

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