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Traffic crash data showed 175,283 motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2020 in Tennessee. That is an average of 521 auto accidents daily, indicating that Tennessee residents are vulnerable to road hazards. 

Hendersonville, Tennessee, is the largest city of Sumner County. Crash data shows 3,536 motor vehicle accidents in 2022 in the county. There were 23 fatal and 892 injury crashes. 

Hire a Hendersonville car accident lawyer if you sustained injuries in a car accident. They help victims through legal issues and ensure fair compensation. Law firms often provide free consultations for accident victims to review their injury claims.

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Causes of Car Accidents in Hendersonville, TN

Several factors contribute to auto accidents, one of which is driver error. Tennessee’s leading causes of car wrecks are distracted driving, impaired driving, and speeding.

Motor vehicle accidents in Tennessee involving a distraction were more than 23,000 in 2020. According to the 2020 Tennessee Crash Facts, eating, reading, and talking caused more than half of these accidents. 

The CDC noted three driving distractions: cognitive, manual, and visual. Drivers taking theirIt highlighted that 20 percent of those killed in a distracted driving collision in 2019 were not in vehicles. They were riding their bikes, walking, or otherwise outside a car.

Meanwhile, alcohol-impaired driving in Tennessee represented 27 percent of car wreck fatalities in 2020. Alcohol’s sedating effects impair a driver’s decision-making abilities and coordination. An impaired driver cannot act decisively and quickly to avoid an accident or perform routine driving.

On the other hand, speed is four times more likely to cause a wrongful death than non-speeding auto accidents. Government data on speeding revealed it constituted 14.7 percent of fatal crashes in Tennessee in 2020

Even when driving within the speed limits, driving at high speeds increases the risk of accidents. Bad weather, roadworks, and poor visibility also  contribute to vehicular accidents.

Common Hendersonville Auto Accident Claims

Tennessee traffic crash data also showed Sumner ranked an average of 65th out of 95 counties with the most accidents from 2018 to 2022. Across four years, they logged more than 4,200 auto accidents that resulted in injuries.

Data from 2020 Tennessee crash facts rear-end collision is the most common type of vehicle accident in the state. It accounts for more than 40 percent of vehicle accidents, followed by angle collisions with 26.13 percent.

Rear-end collisions happen when a vehicle strikes the rear of the vehicle in front of it. They usually occur when the leading car suddenly stops or decelerates. Meanwhile, angle collisions like side-impact crashes take place when the front or rear of a vehicle hits the side of another.

Accidents like those mentioned usually involve cars, motorcycles, or trucks. Each type of accident is further explained below.

Car accidents

Tennessee’s data on speeding further stated more than four percent of motor vehicle accidents were due to speeding. The National Safety Council explained that excessive speeding reduces a motorist’s ability to adapt to hazardous situations. It increases the stopping distance and reduces the effectiveness of road safety structures in protecting motorists and passengers. The dangers of speeding are worse with heavy traffic, uneven roads, sharp turns, etc.

Brigham Young University College of Life Sciences suggests taking extra precautions at intersections, where more than half of auto accidents happen. Other safety driving tips include:

  • Practice defensive driving by not relying on other drivers to protect you.
  • Follow the speed limit.
  • Use caution when changing lanes and avoid panicking.
  • Develop simple habits to prevent enormous consequences, like getting rid of distractions.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are five times more likely to sustain injuries than car passengers. Motorists do not see motorcycles as quickly as cars or trucks. Consequently, motorcyclists must develop heightened awareness and coordination when on the road.

One thing motorcyclists can do to reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents and injuries is to wear proper safety gear. It includes using a motorcycle helmet that fits properly. It should neither be too loose nor too tight and sits comfortably atop the head.

A full-face helmet provides the most protection as it covers the face and head. A motorcycle helmet should also bear the Department of Transportation compliance sticker. The sticker indicates that the gear meets the basic impact standards set by the DOT. 

Truck accidents

One in every 14 Tennessee auto accidents involves large trucks. On average, a truck accident occurs every three minutes in Tennessee. Driving safely around trucks can mitigate preventable accidents such as truck crashes.

Avoiding blind spots is one of the easiest things a driver can do to prevent truck accidents. Commercial trucks have more blind spots compared to other drivers. Generally, if you cannot see the truck driver in their side mirrors, they probably cannot see you, either.

Drivers using caution and giving clear signals when passing are the best approaches when driving near trucks. Truck drivers cannot maneuver as easily or stop as swiftly as drivers of smaller and lighter  vehicles. Trucks need additional time to adapt and adjust their speed.

Who is at fault for a car wreck in Hendersonville?

Insurance companies look at several factors to determine the negligent party in a vehicle accident. They assign an insurance adjuster to handle each car accident claim. The adjuster then reviews the incident, supervises the investigation, and oversees the claim settlement.

Adjusters consider federal, state, and local laws concerning the accident. They also evaluate police reports, eyewitness accounts, and driver statements to determine liability. Most importantly, they check physical evidence, including property damage and skid marks on the road.

An insurance adjuster examines various parties that might have contributed to the accident.


For auto accidents involving one or two drivers, the motorists are often the negligent party for the incident. Generally, those who ignore traffic laws or their duty to drive safely are at fault for the car wreck.

However, there are cases where the negligent party is not involved in the accident. For instance, a driver swerved to avoid an oncoming car that ran a red light. If the driver hit another vehicle or a guardrail while swerving, the driver who beat the red light is liable.


There are instances wherein a pedestrian causes an auto accident. There are several scenarios where a pedestrian may be liable.

  • They walked across the street instead of using the designated crosswalk.
  • They did not follow a traffic signal.
  • They crossed the road under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • They traversed roadways where pedestrians were not allowed.
  • They ran out into the street without regard for motorists.

However, there are times when a driver may share a percentage of fault in the incident. For example, a pedestrian illegally crossed the road, and a speeding or impaired motorist hit them. In these cases, comparative negligence rules will apply to the accident.

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Car manufacturers

Car manufacturers may also be at fault for auto accidents due to vehicle malfunction or defects. Car accident victims could file a product liability claim if a product flaw caused their injuries. The car parts manufacturer, assembling manufacturer, wholesaler, and store owner can all be at fault under product liability rules.

Three kinds of product defects transfer negligence to suppliers and manufacturers: design, manufacturing, and marketing.

Design defects cover flaws that existed during the product’s conceptualization phase. Meanwhile, manufacturing defects describe the product’s assembly process or construction errors. Lastly, marketing defects entail the absence of a proper warning to inform consumers of the product’s dangers. In Tennessee, it is the claimant’s responsibility to prove that there is a defect. 

Local government

Under premises liability rules, any area or roadway under government control must be in good repair. It includes the legal duty to maintain proper conditions on roads and highways. 

Section 7-31-101 of the Tennessee Code (Code) describes this duty and penalties. An incorporated municipality’s mayor and governing body are guilty of a misdemeanor if they violate this law. Hendersonville is an incorporated municipality.

Poor road maintenance entails missing guardrails, poor signage, faulty road design, and unattended debris on the road. Victims must prove that the government entity had adequate warning to resolve the situation and failed to do so.

Suppose the at-fault driver in a car wreck was driving a government vehicle. In that case, the government is liable for the accident under Section 29-20-202 of the Code.

Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hendersonville, TN

Car accident victims are likely to recover more damages with the help of a personal injury lawyer. It includes compensation for property damage, medical expenses, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Personal injury attorneys have the expertise to address legal issues and knowledge of court processes. For example, insurance companies often employ techniques to convince accident victims that their injury claim is worth less. An experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer has the skills to negotiate your settlement offer.

Having a legal professional guide injury victims will also expedite the resolution of their claims. Suppose you do not have legal representation. In that case, you will likely attend to your injury claim after you have recovered from your injuries. It means you must wait longer before beginning the process of claiming damages for your losses.

Seeking the services of a car accident attorney will also help with obtaining medical treatment. Some medical professionals do not attend to car accident victims. 

Medical professionals may be concerned about legal repercussions if something goes wrong while attending to a victim. It might be because they do not know how to bill insurance companies. Car accident lawyers can find the appropriate medical professionals to treat your injuries.

What To Look For in a Hendersonville Car Accident Lawyer

People often make mistakes when considering law offices for legal representation, leading to undesirable outcomes for their injury cases. Accident victims must know what to for in car accident lawyers to avoid problems.

For example, you should check client reviews and visit law firms’ websites when looking for a personal injury lawyer. In addition, you should ask the right questions when you meet a personal injury attorney for a case review. 

Lawyers can be intimidating, but it should not deter you from building a rapport with your legal team. After all, you will be working together for a considerable time.

Essential questions to ask your lawyer include the following:

  • How much will my injury case cost, including legal and court fees?
  • How often will we communicate throughout the process of my car accident case?
  • Are you comfortable with potentially taking my injury case to trial?

Practice area and years of experience

Arguably the most important thing to look for in a lawyer is their legal experience. It includes the years they have been practicing law and their success rate in overseeing car accident cases. 

You must consider whether the lawyer’s practice area and previous experience align with your injury claim. Not all lawyers have personal injury law as their expertise, so ensure they have the legal knowledge to assist you.

In addition, you must know the lawyer’s standard approaches to car accident cases. It is essential to see eye-to-eye with your lawyer, especially if you decide to take your injury case to trial.

Location and availability

States have varying traffic and personal injury laws. So you would want a lawyer who knows the state’s legal requirements and procedures. In addition, a lawyer familiar with your state will most likely be aware of local administrative or judicial personalities.

You would also want a car accident lawyer with the time to answer your concerns and attend to your injury claim. Especially with more complex legal issues, it is advantageous to have a personal injury lawyer that can maintain a trusted in-person relationship. Exclusively conversing through emails or telephone conferences with your legal team also increases the risk of miscommunication.

In addition, personal injury lawyers take on multiple cases at a time. It is crucial to consider a lawyer’s timeliness in returning calls or answering emails. Ensure that they will personally handle your case and are available to resolve legal issues that come with your injury claim.

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Knowing the complexities of a personal injury claim helps you make informed decisions. The best approach to winning a claim is to seek legal representation with a Hendersonville car accident lawyer.

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FAQs on Hendersonville Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers usually ask for contingent fees when they handle a case. Contingency fees are a fixed percentage of your compensation, payable when you win or settle your case. On average, lawyers accept around one-third to 40 percent of the damages.

It is always best to hire a car accident lawyer, even for a minor accident. The damages you may recover may depend on your injuries or damaged property. It is especially true for injuries that might not appear immediately after the accident. So the best approach is to seek legal representation regardless of the severity of your accident.

Generally, the time allowed to file a personal injury claim in Tennessee is one year. Once the statute of limitations runs out, you may no longer file a personal injury lawsuit for a negligent car accident.