Navigate Your Recovery with the Best Split King Adjustable Bed Choices

Navigate Your Recovery with the Best Split King Adjustable Bed Choices

Looking for a bed that can help you heal better? When you’re getting better from an injury, a good bed is important. It should be comfy, easy to use, and help you sleep without pain. A split king adjustable bed could be just what you need.

These beds can move and change to make you feel better and sleep well. Whether you are dealing with back pain, recovering from surgery, or simply seeking a better night’s sleep, a split king adjustable bed offers the versatility to meet your body’s changing needs. 

In this article, we look at some of the best options out there. We’ll talk about what’s good about them, what’s not so good, and why they might be great for someone healing from an injury. Let’s find a bed that helps you feel better every night.

Best Split King Adjustable Bed 

Sven & Son Essential Adjustable Bed Base (Frame) + 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sven & Son Essential Adjustable Bed Base (Frame) + 12 inch Memory Foam Matt (Medium), Easy Assembly, Head and Foot Lift, Memory Positions, Zero Gravity, Wireless Remote - Split King
  • Economical Comfort & Adjustability: Elevate your sleeping experience with our head (up to 75°) and foot (up to 45°) lift mechanism, allowing for perfect positioning. By adjusting your sleeping position to the ideal angle, you can benefit from clearer airways, decreased congestion, lessened snoring, and better spinal alignment to ease back pain.
  • Save and Sleep in Style: Get all the benefits of an adjustable bed without breaking the bank. Times are tough, and spending a mortgage payment on an adjustable bed isn’t practical for most. We’ve packed the most essential features needed in an adjustable base into this model, saving costs as much as possible without sacrificing durability and quality.
  • Innovative Ergonomic Remote: Dive into a realm of relaxation with settings such as Zero Gravity for weightlessness and Anti-Snore for unobstructed breathing. The remote includes memory positions to save your favorite settings, a one-touch flat button, and even a flashlight to help you navigate in the dark.

The Sven & Son Essential Adjustable Bed Base combines customizable comfort with a 12-inch medium-firm memory foam mattress. Its easy assembly and wireless remote control offer head and foot lift, memory positions, and zero gravity features.

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
Easy assembly
Pre-programmed memory positions
Zero Gravity setting for enhanced relaxation
Wireless remote for convenience
Adequate mattress thickness for comfort
Limited massage functions
May be too firm for some preferences

If you’re recovering from a personal injury, the Sven & Son Essential bed might be the best split king adjustable bed for your needs. The zero gravity setting can ease pressure on your spine, which in turn promotes better circulation and reduces pain. The memory foam mattress supports your body uniformly, which is crucial for preventing new injuries and minimizing discomfort from existing ones. However, this split king adjustable bed might feel too firm if you’re accustomed to a softer sleep surface. The wireless remote makes adjustments effortless, which is essential when mobility is limited.

On the flipside, the lack of advanced massage options means you might miss out on the therapeutic benefits of muscle relaxation through vibration. However, you would appreciate the bed’s comfort and convenience, even though you might need an additional topper or a different mattress if you prefer a plush feel.

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Split King
  • Features independent head incline and foot incline; TV, Read, Snore, Zero Gravity, and Memory positions are all preset
  • Bluetooth compatibility with the Lucid Base App makes controlling and customizing your adjustable base simple; wireless remote with flashlight also included
  • Dual USB charging stations, under-bed lighting, and massage make this base the focal point of relaxation and comfort

The LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base is paired with a 12-inch memory foam hybrid mattress for a blend of support and comfort. The split king setup allows for individualized adjustments with a user-friendly wireless remote.

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
Hybrid mattress offers a balance of comfort and support
Independent head and foot incline
Responsive wireless remote
Programmable memory positions for convenience
Heavy and may be difficult to move
Some users may find the mattress too soft or too firm

The LUCID L600 stands out as one of the best split king adjustable bed options for those on the mend. Its hybrid mattress provides a nice compromise between firm support and plush comfort, which is essential when your body needs sufficient support and comfort during recovery. The independent adjustments for head and foot incline help you find the perfect position for reduced pain and improved sleep quality. Despite the bed’s substantial weight, which could make initial setup or later rearrangements a challenge, the responsive wireless remote compensates by making daily use a breeze.

However, if you are sensitive to mattress firmness, you may need to invest in a topper to achieve the perfect feel. From a recovering person’s point of view, the benefits of customizable sleep positions and the hybrid mattress’s support system cannot be overstated, despite the potential need for customization in firmness.

Best Choice Products Ergonomic Split King Size Adjustable Bed

Best Choice Products Ergonomic Split King Size Adjustable Bed, Zero Gravity Base for Stress Management w/Head and Foot Incline, Wireless Remote Control, Massage, Under-Bed Nightlight, USB Ports
  • ADJUSTABLE POSITIONS: Find your ultimate sleeping position; choose from the TV, Head-Tilt, and Zero Gravity preset positions, or add your own customized options; Note: King size variant comes with two adjustable platforms
  • CUSTOMIZABLE REMOTE: Adjust massage and positions with the click of a button, use the remote flashlight, and take your relaxation further with wave, pulse, or constant massage modes; Note: King size variant comes with two remotes
  • SEPARATE HEAD & FOOT INCLINE: Manage stress and find unmatched comfort when you take advantage of independent head and foot incline

This split king adjustable bed by Best Choice Products is crafted with stress management in mind, featuring head and foot incline, massage, under-bed nightlight, and USB ports. The wireless remote facilitates easy adjustments for personalized comfort.

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
Built-in massage functions for relaxation
Convenient under-bed nightlight
USB ports for charging devices
Zero gravity position to reduce stress on the body
Mattress not included
May require a secondary purchase for optimal comfort

When considering the best split king adjustable bed for post-injury recovery, this model from Best Choice Products is a strong contender. Its zero gravity position is particularly beneficial for individuals healing from injuries, as it mimics weightlessness, reducing pressure across your body and fostering better sleep. The bed’s massage feature is a standout, and it offers gentle vibrations that help ease muscle tension and promote circulation. You’ll find the under-bed nightlight surprisingly useful for nighttime navigation without straining or risking further injury. The USB ports add a touch of modern convenience. This is helpful so that your devices are just within your reach.

However, since the mattress is not included, you’ll face the additional task and expense of finding one that meets your specific needs.

Rimdoc Adjustable Bed Frame, Adjustable Bed Base Split King

Rimdoc Adjustable Bed Frame, Adjustable Bed Base Split King for Stress Management, Zero Gravity Base, Head and Foot Incline with 3-Speed Massage, Anti-Snore, Memory Pre-Sets (2TXL)
  • Adjustable and Quiet: Rimdoc adjustable bed frame features reliable dual quiet motors, allowing you to adjust the head up to 60° and the foot up to 35°, ensuring personalized comfort.
  • 3-Speed Massage: Indulge in pure relaxation with the Rimdoc adjustable bed's 3-speed massage function. Relieve muscle soreness and unwind with individual control over the back and foot massage, providing you with the ultimate massage experience.
  • Health Lifestyle: Choose from anti-snore and Zero Gravity preset positions or customize your own memory position. Sleep with your back raised to reduce breathing pressure and prevent acid reflux. Lift your feet to increase blood flow and reduce body stress, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Rimdoc’s Adjustable Bed Frame boasts a stress management design with head and foot incline, 3-speed massage, anti-snore presets, and memory settings. This split king setup offers targeted relief with its customizable features.

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
Anti-snore feature to enhance sleep quality
3-speed massage settings for tailored comfort
Memory presets for personal convenience
Sturdy construction ensuring longevity
No mattress included
Can be complicated to program for some users

Rimdoc’s Adjustable Bed Frame emerges as a competitive choice for the best split king adjustable bed when addressing recovery needs. The massage feature has three-speed settings. This allows for a customizable experience that can soothe sore muscles and joints. The anti-snore preset is not only beneficial for sleep quality but also for maintaining a comfortable sleeping position that’s critical during injury recovery. Memory presets save your favorite positions, simplifying the adjustment process, which is a huge plus when your mobility is compromised. It’s a robust structure that promises durability, a necessary investment during a lengthy recovery.

Similar with the adjustable bed from Best Choice, the lack of a mattress might initially seem like a con, but it also means you have the freedom to choose one that fits your recovery needs. As a person in recovery, the Rimdoc bed frame can offer you the targeted support and comfort needed for restorative sleep and can be a significant step towards regaining your health.

Pain Relieving IdealBase Adjustable Bed Frame Split King

Pain Relieving IdealBase Adjustable Bed Frame Split King, Massaging Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed Base, Electric with 3 Speed Head & Foot Massage, Wireless Remote, 2 USB Ports, 800Lbs Capacity
  • 【 PAIN RELEIVING and DEEPER LEVEL RELAXATION AT HOME 】: Our Adjustable Bed Base comes with a 3 Speed Foot Massage and Head Massage with Timer. Our 3 modes of massage helps with Back and Joint Pain, Perfect Remedy For Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and Asthma, Boost Circulation, Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn, Improve Digestion Process with our Adjustable Bed Base.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, EXCELLENT COMFORT Adjustable Bed Frame supports upto 800 lbs lift capacity. Upholstered bed frame gives ultimate comfort when you read, study, watch television, talk on the phone, use your laptop computer, or play video games.; IMPROVED SLEEP – Sleeping upright with head incline can also help eliminate snoring and improve sleep for both the sleeper and any co-sleepers with a quiet night rest.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE, USB PORTS The smooth operating mechanism can be easily adjusted with its Wireless Remote control for the ability to raise and lower your head, foot separately or both simultaneously. It has integrated USB Charging Ports that allows you to charge your devices from the comfort of your mattress.; COMPONENTS – Metal Frame, Retainer Bar, 6" standard leg black color 3" adjustable leg. The Charcoal Gray Linen and Black Non-Woven materials are most durable and resistant.

The IdealBase Adjustable Bed Frame features a massaging zero gravity adjustable base. It provides an electric 3-speed head and foot massage, wireless remote, USB ports, and supports up to 800 pounds.

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
High weight capacity for durability
Massage feature for pain relief
Zero gravity position for optimal comfort
Wireless remote with simple controls
No mattress included
Limited to basic features

The IdealBase Adjustable Bed Frame is crafted with the healing person in mind. The zero gravity feature stands out as it provides a sensation of weightlessness that can ease pressure on your healing body. This is especially important when in recovery for pain relief and better sleep. With the inclusion of a 3-speed massage function, it can help reduce muscle stiffness and promote circulation. Its high weight capacity ensures that the bed frame will hold up well over time, even with regular adjustments.

The absence of a mattress could be a downside, but it also offers the flexibility to pair the frame with a mattress that’s tailor-made for your comfort requirements. For you, as someone recovering from an injury, the simple controls and pain-relieving features of this bed frame can make a significant difference in your daily comfort and the overall healing process.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Split king adjustable beds don’t come with cheap price tags. That’s why it’s important to take some factors into consideration before you buy one.

Here are important things to consider:

Comfort and Support

When choosing the best split king adjustable bed, prioritize how it feels to lie on it. You want a bed that can cradle your body’s specific curves and relieve pressure where it’s needed most, especially if you’re healing from an injury. If it’s possible, test out different settings to ensure that the bed can align with your body comfortably, providing the necessary support to critical areas such as your back, legs, and neck.

Ease of Use

Managing your bed shouldn’t be a struggle, so opt for one with a user-friendly wireless remote. It’s important that you can easily adjust the bed’s position without needing to reach out for help. A bed that remembers your favorite positions is a bonus, saving you time and effort when finding that perfect spot for comfort.

Size and Space

Before you bring home a split king adjustable bed, measure your room to ensure a good fit. Remember, it should not only fit in the space but also leave enough room for movement around it. Also, consider the layout of your bedroom and the placement of other furniture to avoid a cramped environment.

Weight Capacity

Durability is key in the best split king adjustable bed, and part of that is its weight capacity. The frame should be robust enough to support your weight without any strain. Look for a bed with a high weight limit to ensure safety, stability, and longevity, so it can serve you well throughout your recovery period and beyond.


Investing in your health doesn’t mean overspending. Balance the cost against the features and longevity of the bed. A higher price might mean better quality or more features that can aid in your recovery, but there are also reasonably priced beds that offer great comfort and support without all the extra bells and whistles.

Extra Features

Finally, consider if additional features will enhance your recovery experience. Features like built-in massage options can help increase circulation and relieve muscle tension, while USB ports allow you to keep your devices charged and within reach. A nightlight can be handy for nighttime navigation without jarring your senses with overhead lights. Decide which features will truly benefit your recovery and lifestyle.

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