Best Crutches of 2024 The Right Pair for Comfort and Mobility

Best Crutches of 2024: The Right Pair for Comfort and Mobility

When you’re recuperating from an injury or dealing with mobility issues, choosing the right crutches can make all the difference to your comfort and recovery. With a variety of crutches on the market, it might seem overwhelming to select the best pair for your needs. From forearm crutches for long-term use to underarm crutches for short-term injuries, each type has its unique pros and cons.

Whether you need to navigate the stairs or just want to walk around more easily, the ideal crutches are out there. You just have to identify what your specific situation requires, which might involve a hands-free design or a model that’s built for heavy-duty use.

Crutches Overview

Crutches Overview

When considering mobility aids, crutches are a pivotal choice for supporting walks through recovery or managing long-term mobility needs. Dive into the specifics, such as types, materials, and ergonomic considerations to make your journey with crutches as comfortable as possible.

Types of Crutches

Underarm crutches, commonly referred to as axillary crutches, are the classic crutches with pads that rest under your armpits. They are often used for short-term injuries. Forearm crutches involve a cuff that fits around your forearm and are commonly used for more long-standing mobility support. If you’re looking for something that leaves your hands free, then a hands-free crutch might just be your go-to option.

Crutch Material

Crutches come primarily in three materials:

  • Aluminum: Lightweight and adjustable, aluminum crutches offer durability and portability.
  • Wood: The traditionalist’s choice, wood crutches have a sturdy feel but are less adaptable than aluminum ones.
  • Carbon Fiber: If you’re seeking the lightest option with great strength, carbon fiber crutches are top-tier, albeit often more expensive.

Height and Weight Considerations

When picking crutches, your height and weight are crucial factors:

  • Your crutches should be height-appropriate to ensure your posture stays as neutral as possible.
  • They need to support your weight without bending or breaking.

Here’s a quick reference:

Your HeightCrutch Size
4’6″ – 5’2″Pediatric Size
5’2″ – 5’10”Adult Standard
5’10” – 6’6″Tall Adult Size

Remember, crutches are not one-size-fits-all, and taking the time to find your fit ensures greater comfort and safety.

Top Picks for Crutches

Armed with this knowledge, you are better equipped to navigate the world of crutches and find the pair that fits your lifestyle and needs. Up next, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of top-performing crutches, their features, and how to select the pair that offers you the best experience in mobility and support.

In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Crutches

in-Motion Pro Crutches | Foldable | Ergonomic Handles | Spring Assist Technology | Articulating Tips | Size Tall (5'7" - 6'10") | Charcoal Grey
  • DURABLE FOLDING PORTABLE CRUTCHES: These crutches are sold as a pair. The newly re-designed cylinder bracket and double reinforced strut ensure the product’s strength and durability throughout the handle of the crutch. Our In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Folding Crutches can be stored conveniently and carried for travel. The heavy-duty construction has a user capacity of up to 400 lbs when used properly.
  • ERGONOMIC HAND GRIPS SET: These crutches are designed with a specific left and right crutch. The ergonomic positioning and design of the grips keep hands and wrists in their natural position, eliminating wrist pain and nerve damage. The unique folding feature allows users to quickly circulate their crutches in and out of use without changing any height adjustments. This makes the In-Motion Pro the most convenient crutch to travel with, store, and ship.
  • SPRING-ASSISTED ARM CRUTCHES: The Spring Assist Technology absorbs the impact from walking and uses that energy to aid patient movement. Our Spring Assist Technology makes our springs quieter than traditional crutch springs and our foam rubber padding helps reduce friction and divert pressure from each underarm.

You’ll feel the difference the moment you take your first step with these In-Motion Pro crutches – comfortable, sturdy, and actually making mobility less of a chore.


Encourage better posture and natural walking

Handy foldable design for easy transport

Innovative spring-assisted tips enhance stability

Higher cost compared to traditional models

May require a learning curve for new users

Potential durability issues with heavy, long-term use

Recovering from an injury is tough, but these crutches make it a bit easier. Right off the bat, the ergonomic handles stand out; they’re shaped to your hands, so holding onto them feels instinctive and, more importantly, painless. Your wrists and hands say a big ‘thank you’ as they stay in a neutral position, preventing the usual strain from conventional crutch use. They’re also true to your left and right, meaning there’s no confusion in a groggy, post-surgery haze.

Transporting these crutches is a breeze. They fold down, making them convenient to stow away in a car or overhead bin on a plane – you don’t realize how crucial this feature is until you’re trying to navigate travel with clunky, old-school crutches. Then there’s the spring-assisted tips that give you a little oomph in your step. It’s subtle but appreciated, especially when you’re tackling uneven ground or just pottering around your home.

What’s impressive is how these crutches promote an upright stance. Instead of hunching over, you’re walking taller, which isn’t only good for your spine; it makes socializing eye-to-eye less of a sore neck-inducing exercise. Sure, they may require shelling out a few extra bucks compared to the crutches gathering dust in your local pharmacy, but the investment translates to comfort. Just keep in mind, while they’re robust, heavy, daily use for long periods could lead to some wear and tear.

Drive Medical Comfy Crutches

Drive Medical Aluminum Crutch with Comfortable Underarm Pad and Handgrip, Gray, Adult
  • Comfortable, durable underarm pad and hand grip; Push-pin adjustment makes it easy to adjust crutch height in 1" increments; Actual Product Weight 3.15 lbs; Overall Product Height 45.5"; Overall Product Length 3.5"; Overall Product Width 8.5"; Primary Product Color Gray; Primary Product Material Aluminum; Product Weight Capacity 350 lbs; Recommended User Height 62"-70"; Underarm Height 45"-53"
  • Double extruded center tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing areas
  • Easy wing nut adjustments for hand grips

If you need reliable support after an injury, these crutches have got your back—and your weight.


Ease of adjustability

Comfort-focused design

Robust construction

Tips may wear out quickly

Potential for receiving damaged goods

Customer service challenges

Nursing an ankle sprain, I found myself grateful for the solid feel of the aluminum as it took on my weight without a whimper. The padding under the arms and where my hands gripped felt gentle and resisted slipping, which was a relief. Adjusting the height was a breeze, and I didn’t have to hunt for any tools, which was handy when I first brought them home.

However, after a few weeks of use, I noticed the rubber tips starting to show signs of wear and was a bit concerned about long-term durability. It’s something to keep in mind if you plan to cover a lot of ground on these crutches. Make sure you have some spare tips on hand.

A friend had an issue with a damaged crutch upon delivery, and dealing with customer service was more of a hassle than expected. This hiccup can be a real problem if you’re in a pinch for time and need these to stay mobile. Keep this in mind and maybe order early or check for some quality retail options to skip the wait.

Medline Forearm Crutches

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches, Adult, Cuff Size 4", Pack of 2
  • Telescoping parts are manufactured with internal bushings and external lock nuts to provide totally silent usage
  • Vinyl-coated, tapered, contoured arm cuffs
  • Heavy-wall, high-strength aluminum tubing

If you’re seeking steadfast support and comfort, these crutches are a solid pick.


Remarkably silent due to internal bushings

Adjustable height caters to taller individuals

Non-skid rubber tips ensure stability

May show wear over time despite black components

Cuffs might not suit all arm shapes

Heavier than some other models

Adjusting these Medline Forearm Crutches to suit my tall frame was a breeze. The process was straightforward, and in no time, I was maneuvering around with ease. The added quietness from the internal bushings was a relief, sparing me and my neighbors the annoying squeak traditional crutches often make.

I noticed the non-skid tips provided a firm grip on various surfaces, adding a layer of trust in each step. For someone who has to navigate crowded streets and slick office floors, this was a major plus.

On the downside, while the black components are designed to hide signs of use, the crutches have started showing some scratches. It’s a minor issue, though, considering the robust support they’ve given me. However, after loaning them to a friend with shorter and stockier arms, it seemed the cuffs weren’t as comfortable for her as they were for me.

The Medline Forearm Crutches were slightly on the heavier side compared to others I’ve used in the past, but what they lack in lightness, they make up for in sturdiness. If you’re on the lookout for reliable crutches offering a blend of durability and comfort, these are worthy of consideration.

Carex Folding Crutches

Carex Folding Aluminum Under Arm Crutches - Lightweight Crutches for Adults 4'11" to 6'1", Adult Crutches, 2 Crutches Included, Universal Crutches for Walking
  • FOLDABLE CRUTCHES. Features a convenient folding system to allow crutches to be easily stored. Crutches for kids, adult, and tall users. Height adjusts easily for those 4'11" - 6'1" (59" - 73") . Comes with sporty blue crutch pads and grips. 2 crutches included..Our folding arm crutches weigh just 4.5 lbs, are made of durable aluminum, and are height adjustable via a push button.
  • TRAVEL EASILY. Crutches fold up easily, perfect for traveling or taking on an airplane. Crutches fit easily for storage in the airplane overhead compartment once folded up. No more struggling with large, bulky, full length cruches.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM. Crutches for walking are made of aluminum and support people up to 250lbs in weight. Lighter than wood crutches, these crutches are strong, durable, and great for those who don't want to lug around heavy wooden crutches.

If you’re seeking reliability and convenience in mobility aids, these crutches should be on your radar.


Folds up for storage and travel

Adjustable height for a custom fit

Lightweight, less strain on your body

Complex initial setup

Arm pads may lack durability

Slight noise during use

After testing the Carex Folding Aluminum Under Arm Crutches, the ease of transporting and storing them stands out. Whether you’re navigating through an airport or tucking them away at home, their foldability is a game-changer. No bulky annoyance; instead, they stow away in small spaces, making life that bit easier.

Using these crutches feels secure. They have a solid feel, supporting up to 250lbs without issue. Despite this robustness, they’re surprisingly light. Lugging around heavy wooden crutches is a hassle you don’t need, and with these, it’s a non-issue. Your underarms and hands will thank you, too—even after prolonged use, there’s no excessive fatigue.

Adjustability is another plus here. The push-button height adjustment means you can tailor the crutches to your specific needs. It’s a feature you’ll appreciate, especially when you need a precise fit for comfort and safety. The initial setup might take a minute to figure out, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing—or walking, in this case.

Maintenance and Accessories

Maintenance and Accessories

Optimal performance from your crutches requires attention to their condition and customization to your needs. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of keeping your crutches in top shape and making them more comfortable for daily use.

Enhancing Crutches

To minimize discomfort, consider outfitting your crutches with accessories designed for comfort and convenience. Shock absorbers can be added to lessen the impact on your arms and shoulders. Upgrade your standard handgrips with cushioned covers; they not only provide a softer grip but also can help prevent blisters. If you’re carrying items around, some crutches come with a split shaft design allowing for easy attachment of crutch bags, so your hands stay free.

Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring your crutches are safe and durable. Check the integrity of the handgrips and shock absorbers to ensure they aren’t worn out. Inspect bolts and rivets for tightness, and replace any part that shows signs of wear. Always keep the crutch tips clean to maintain traction and replace them if they show signs of splitting or excessive wear. Remember, well-maintained crutches reduce the risk of falls and increase your mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re healing from an injury, finding the right crutches is crucial to your comfort and mobility. This FAQ segment sheds light on commonly asked questions about selecting crutches for various recovery needs.

What are the top crutch options for non weight-bearing recovery periods?

For non weight-bearing recovery, you’ll want crutches that reduce strain on your arms and shoulders. Options like ergonomic underarm crutches with padded grips can help distribute your weight more comfortably.

How can I determine the best crutches for full weight-bearing support?

For full weight-bearing situations, look for crutches that offer strong structural support and have adjustable features. This ensures they can be tailored to your height and the level of support you need.

What should I look for in crutches intended for long-term use?

Long-term use crutches should prioritize durability and comfort. Features like cushioned grips, adjustable height and arm cuffs, and materials that withstand repeated use are what you should look for as outlined by Hugo’s crutch options.

Are forearm crutches more effective for certain types of injuries?

Forearm crutches can be more effective for lower leg injuries as they encourage better posture and arm support. Their design is ideal for users requiring less underarm pressure, which can be beneficial for certain conditions.

Can certain crutches improve comfort and recovery following foot surgery?

Yes, crutches with features like shock-absorbing tips can reduce impact on your feet during recovery from surgery, potentially improving comfort and hastening the healing process.

What are the recommended crutches for someone recovering from ACL reconstruction?

Post-ACL reconstruction recovery often involves gradually increasing weight-bearing over time. Adjustable, padded crutches are recommended. These crutches can adapt to changing weight support needs throughout your recovery.

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