Find a BBL Chair After Surgery for the Best Possible Results

The Best BBL Chairs for Post Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a transformative procedure that can enhance your curves and boost your confidence. It’s your surgeon’s responsibility to ensure the proper procedure, but it’s your job to follow recovery instructions to a T to achieve the best long-term results. Using a BBL chair with a hole after surgery is one of the most important things you can do to protect the healing surgical site and enjoy the best outcome. A BBL chair offers: 

  • Support and comfort
  • Preservation of fat grafts
  • Relief from pain and swelling
  • The promotion of good posture

When selecting a BBL chair after your surgery, there are several things to look for to find your best option. These factors include: 

  • The shape and design
  • The material and cushioning
  • Adjustability
  • Portability

In addition to these basic considerations, you may also want to look for additional “nice to have” features, such as lumbar support or massage functions. These additionals aren’t essential to your recovery but can maximize your comfort and relaxation in the first days and weeks following your procedure. 

AOSSA BBL Chair Inflatable Chair 

AOSSA BBL Chair Inflatable Chair 

BBL Chair After Surgery for Butt with Hole Inflatable Sofa BBL Sleeping Pillow Post Surgery Supplies BBL Bed Mattress Inflatable Couch with Ottoman BBL Recovery Kit
  • ✨【Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Supplies】Designed with a 14 by 14 inch hole to fit the post-op hips, effectively relieve postoperative pain and promote surgical recovery. Can place two pillows next to the hole to adjust its' size to fit your hips better.
  • 💺【Inflatable BBL Chair】Mesuring size 50 by 33.5 by 24 inch, which is larger and designed with backrest. This inflatable BBL sofa will provide a better support for your body. Equipped with ottoman for small things like feet, books and phones.
  • 💪【Durable Quality 】Made of durable PVC material, which is dirt resistant and not easy to be pierced. Wipe the sofa easily with a wet towel, so you won't worry about dust and sweat stains on it after long-term use.

This inflatable BBL chair is tailored for post-BBL recovery, featuring a roomy hole to accommodate post-op hips and minimize pain. The larger design with a backrest provides full-body support, complemented by a convenient inflatable ottoman to hold small essentials like your phone and remote control. The durable PVC material is easy to clean, and the lightweight chair has an electric pump for easy inflation. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
The included ottoman is a nice touch and adds convenience 

When not inflated, the entire chair folds up small enough to fit inside a drawer

You can place pillows around the hole to adjust its size for a perfect fit 
This chair may be ideal for shorter or more petite users and not as suitable for larger individuals.  

Pink is the only color available. 

MelodyJump Inflatable BBL Chair with Arms 

Inflatable BBL Sofa Chair for Butt with Arms Hole, Portable Blow up BBL Lifting Cushion Pillow After Surgery for Recovery Sitting Reading, Sit in Comfort
  • This new trendy sofa is used as a hemorrhoid cushion, mainly for hemorrhoid patients, or post-operative hemorrhoid patients used. By suspending the anus partially through the cushion, you can avoid sitting for a long time to compress around the anus to affect the local blood circulation, resulting in impaired blood circulation pressure.
  • Quality products: thicker and more durable materials, good quality, suitable for most adults, full body shape gives a sense of adequate security. (Please note: if the height is below 165cm, the legs will be hanging) It can actively adjust the support force according to the pressure of the different parts of the body, feel the intimate care.
  • Versatile: This BBL sofa chair with holes has an ergonomic design that allows you to sit and relax comfortably without putting pressure on your buttocks. It can also be used as a regular chair after recovering from surgery. It is also the ideal lazy susan for many places, such as living room, bedroom, balcony, garden, outdoor patio, camping, travel, beach, hiking can be carried around.

This versatile chair serves as a comfortable support for post-op patients. It is constructed with thick and durable materials and offers a great experience for most adults. The adjustable ergonomic design makes the support customizable for different body types. This chair is easy to inflate, deflate, and transport, making it a practical choice for various settings. It also features a bold, stylish look. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
The armrests offer an extra measure of comfort and support 

The chair is reasonably priced compared to other options 

Ease of transport means you can take this chair with you almost anywhere 
The hole is small and will require pillows to adjust the size for many users 

Buyers report that the chair tends to leak soon after purchasing and must be refilled often or patched 

It has a softer feel when inflated, making it difficult for some users to get up  

IP1CK4U Pearl Blue BBL Inflatable Chair 

IP1CK4U Very Peri BBL Inflatable Chair with Air Pump for After Butt Surgery Recovery,Sitting,Sleeping,Pregnancy and Relaxation Without Compromising Results(with Ottoman)
  • Tips for use: Inflation must be done in two steps. The first step is to inflate through the large inflatable nozzle, and then replenish the air through the small inflatable nozzle (refer to the video). The BBL chair may slowly deflate after bearing the weight, please use the inflatable pump provided with the product every 1-2 days to replenish the inflatable once.
  • A new way to recover: A set consisting of a BBL chair and ottoman. It provides a new way for our post-op clients to ease their recovery by sitting down and time on your phone or enjoy a movie without compromising your results.The greatest part about the you can still use it as an extra seat at home after you recover from surgery.
  • Portable and easy to use: This BBL sofa has a super large air nozzle at the bottom, which takes only a few minutes to inflate and deflate, and does not take up space. If you have to travel for surgery, this thing can be effortlessly put in your suitcase.

This BBL chair and ottoman set offers a unique recovery experience, allowing post-op users to sit comfortably without compromising their surgical results. The two-step inflation process and included pump make it easy to keep your chair fully inflated for long-lasting support. Inflate and deflate this chair in minutes and transport it easily anywhere you need to go. Its weight capacity is 220 pounds.  

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
The chair comes with a high-quality electrical pump for easy inflation 

Comfortable seating that protects the surgical site 

A great alternative to lying on your stomach throughout your recovery 
Not suitable for larger users 

It must be inflated very well to offer full support 

A few buyers report that they received the chair but not the pump 


BBL & CO BBL Bed - Inflatable BBL Mattress with Hole After Surgery for Butt Sleeping, Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery, BBL Bed with Hole with Built-in Electric Air Pump, Neck Pillow and Urination Device
  • Includes Essential Accessories: This premium post surgery pillow bed includes everything you might need for a smooth, enjoyable recovery! You’ll receive: electric air pump, inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, super soft blanket and practical urination device.
  • AAccelerate Your Recovery: Protecting your booty from being deformed by excess squeezing or sitting and maintaining optimal circulation is essential during the first post-surgery weeks, in order to ensure perfect results. The Slown post surgery bed makes sure your sleeping time does not interfere or affect your operation!
  • Maximum Comfort: This BBL mattress with hole after surgery has a superior sculpted shape that nicely follows the natural lines of your body, being made with high quality skin-friendly PVC material which ensures maximum comfort and support for your feet and back!

This premium post-surgery bed/chair helps ensure a smooth recovery with several essential accessories. While you recuperate, you can relax more fully with the inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, soft blanket, and urination device. The hole in the seat helps facilitate recovery by protecting the buttocks from pressure and promoting optimal circulation. The body-safe PVC material and the sculpted shape of this bed provide maximum comfort and support. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
Inflation is easy with a built-in electrical pump and leak-proof design

Durable and versatile enough to use in your home or take with you on the road  

A female urinal is included to ensure that you can rest as much as possible

The bed is on the shorter side; you may need to place something at the end to elevate your feet. 

Price is of the highest in the market 

BBL Pillow Toilet Riser 

BBL Pillow Toilet Riser After Surgery for Butt Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow Toilet Seat Butt Pillows for Sitting Booty Recovery Post Surgery Foam Chair Cushions
  • 🌟BBL Pillow for Toilet-Toilet seat cushion help to sit on toilet after surgery, no touching, squatting on toilet, more comfy for your privet time after surgery of fat transfer, buttock implant, Brazilian butt lift or hemorrhoids.
  • 🌟Toilet Riser-Made of EVA foam, firm and slightly soft material for supportive, not deform, 3''(7.5cm) thickness of toilet riser lift helps transfer pressure from buttocks to thighs. Weight capacity up to 200 lbs.
  • 🌟Non Slip Design- Half cylindrical foam with protruding dots, added friction, not easy to shift buttocks while sitting. More safe and no damaging your result during recovery.

Your bed and chairs aren’t the only place you sit. One potentially tricky part of recovery from a BBL is using the toilet during the recovery period. You aren’t supposed to pressure the surgical site, so what can you do? This toilet riser is the answer, elevating your thighs to create more space and take the pressure off your buttocks. The non-slip surface makes it safe to use when unstable, and the lightweight construction means it’s portable and easy to store. You can also use this cushion on an office chair, car seat, and more. 

What We Like: What We Don’t Like: 
This pillow is lightweight and non-slip for the most convenience and safety

Washing is easy and quick, requiring simply soapy water and air-drying 

Highly budget-friendly option. 
Users report that the product doesn’t last a long time but will get you through your recovery period

Some users find that it makes their legs “fall asleep” quickly 

The pillow is very firm and may be uncomfortable immediately after surgery when you are most sore 

A BBL Chair After Surgery Makes All the Difference

Using a BBL chair after surgery is crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful recovery. These chairs protect your fat grafts, provide proper support, and help keep you comfortable while you recuperate. By looking for a chair with the right features and quality, you’ll do your part to achieve a comfortable and effective recovery process and excellent surgery results. 

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