Ireland Medical Malpractice Laws

Each state has their own set of medical malpractice laws in place, and it is important for patients to understand those laws and how they could affect their case. The following are the basics of the laws in Ireland.

Ireland medical malpractice laws are based on a health care system of a mixed private/public sector healthcare system with half the insured population preferring one route over the other. Or in short, a nearly equal split between those covered under private sector coverage or public sector coverage, which can be applied retroactively in certain cases on a time-sensitive basis with the help of a solicitor.

The largest and only public healthcare provider to residents in Ireland is the Health Service Executive, which accepts charges from most medical professionals practicing in Ireland. Thus, most claims, including all public health care claims, are challenged or involve HSE on some level. Having an experienced medical negligence solicitor in these cases will prove immeasurably helpful and critical towards filing a successful medical malpractice in Ireland claim.

Medical negligence solicitors routinely assist patients with claims against both private practitioners and those working as part of the HSE network of medical providers for the following instances of negligent medical care including:

  • Failure to correctly diagnose or plan to monitor and potentially address a known medical risk for the patient, including cases related to childbirth, disease risks, general health risks, and in light of the context of the patient’s overall health
  • Failure to render appropriate or effective treatment, including prescription drug mistakes that breach a reasonable standard of care per Irish medical negligence case precedents
  • Surgical mistakes, including mistakes in anesthesia, medical devices, and instances of gross negligence
  • Failure to adhere to patient confidentiality and patient informed consent requirements as the causes of a medically relevant and cost-causing injury to the patient.
  • Failure to provide timely or adequate treatment in a reasonable period, which later harms or is the cause of further medical harms to the patient

While this list outlines the most commonly cited themes of complaints, the reality is that every Ireland medical negligence law case will vary greatly pending case-specific factors. Having an informed and knowledgeable medical negligence solicitor in Ireland hear the details of your case is an essential first step towards obtaining compensation.

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Medical malpractice victims can claim compensation for the injuries and losses they suffered. But the claim is only viable if the injury is proven avoidable with proper medical treatment. Proof that there’s a doctor-patient relationship and medical negligence is also crucial to get compensation.

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Statute of Limitations in Ireland Medical Malpractice Laws

Consulting with a medical negligence solicitor or Irish medical malpractice lawyer will prove essential towards ensuring your case does not fall into a legally challenging position of outside the statute of limitation. In the case of Ireland medical malpractice cases, the statute of limitations is only two years from the date of discovery of negligence causing harm. Having a solicitor from Ireland with experience in medical negligence cases containing these and other critical dates in your case with the HSE and other medical providers are met with per the courts is essential.