Invokana Lawsuits

Medicine is indeed developing at a rapid pace, and much of this is extremely positive.

This is reflected in the reality that individuals are living longer today than at any other point in the history of modern mankind and that many individuals are healthier and more vibrant than ever before as well.

Research and development divisions at many of the world’s largest drug companies have made numerous breakthroughs in recent years that have minimized the effects of many diseases, and even curing others. There are still far too many cases, however, of defective drugs like Invokana making their way into society, offering what many fear is false hope and disastrous results.

Not All Diabetes Are Created Equal

Diabetes is certainly a debilitating and often deadly disease that affects millions around the world. For decades now researchers have fought to develop new drugs that can provide much-needed relief to sufferers of diabetes and to return a sense of normalcy to their lives at the same time.

Such drugs often take years to pass the testing stage and reach the public, so by the time it does it is snatched up millions almost instantly. Many times, relief and help come immediately. In other instances, however, it is discovered only too late that the harmful side effects associated with drugs such as Invokana simply do more harm than good.

This particular drug was touted as a breakthrough in diabetes-related medicine and treatment, but lately, many have been questioning if there are even any benefits to it at all. In older individuals, the potential side effects have been found to be particularly harmful, much more than the advertisements would lead patients to believe.

Some researchers and medical professionals have even gone directly to the FDA to cease the approval process for Invokana, unveiling evidence that reveals how dangerous the drug can potentially be for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.

Working to Avoid Needless Serious Side Effects

It has been discovered that there is a problem with the way this particular drug works. With its focus on the elimination of all glucose present in the urine of the patient, individual adverse results can take place, including severe dehydration and low blood pressure.

This, in turn, can potentially lead to dizzy spells and the tendency to fall, in addition to long-term kidney and heart damage. As those with the highest risk of kidney failure are individuals suffering from diabetes, these findings are especially troubling.

This particular drug, when combined with a diuretic such as Lasix, can result in a tidal wave of even more severe side effects in individuals over the age of 75.  Even with all of these findings and evidence presented to the FDA, however, approval was granted for Invokana to enter the marketplace.

This approval came just two months after oral and written testimony is pointing out the many documented risks to this drug, certainly classifying it is defective and potentially destructive.

As of now, the drug is still on the market, and the FDA has given the manufacturer a substantial amount of time, ten years to be exact, to compile a detailed report about any of the damage caused by Invokana, both domestically and abroad. In making such a recommendation, it appears that even the FDA acknowledges the defective nature of this drug, yet has permitted it to continue to be sold. Unsuspecting patients suffering from diabetes continue to take the medication, hoping that this is the treatment they have been hoping for, only to be unknowingly opening themselves up to potentially deadly side effects.